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P6/7s Learning Logs for last 2 weeks on Review Friday.

Last week on Friday we went to the green to do athletics, we were doing trials for meadow mill. we all went down in our sports gear, first we did a warm up, we ran around the green twice, it was tiring! we then started to do running races, a girls and boys race we did 80m,100m,150m and 600m, Mrs Robertson noted down who came 1st,2nd and so on, we also did all of the other events such as cricket ball throw, long jump, the relay and high jump we’re doing this week. with miss Jamison we have been doing long jump too, we did hop skip and jump, and we measured each others jumps with cones. we also did bench Ball, we really enjoyed ourselves.

By Marly , Cailib and Saul.


Maths – In maths this week we have been learning about probabilities and how they relate to other areas of maths like algebra. We have  learnt that if you roll a die there is a 3 in 6 chance that you will roll an even number. We display this as:  P(6)=3 in 6 or 1 in 2 or as 1/2! We have really enjoyed it!

In maths last week we learnt about simple linear patterns, how to lay them out correctly and also how to recognise the patterns easily.

In maths this week the P6’s have been learning about pie charts and line graphs and how to read them.

By Ella Malaika, Bethany, Gemma, Josh and Samuel.


Art- Last week in art we started to learn about famous artists like Monet, Lowry, Kandinsky & Picasso and some of their art. This week we started a biography on the artist that we chose we also looked at some of their art pieces and chose one for us to draw and decorate to expand our imagination.                       by Poppy, Caitlin and Charlie


French- In French over the past couple of weeks we have been re-capping on how to say the months and our birthdays. We have been playing games to remember. We have also been doing colours and singing songs to remember.

by Zoe and Amy


Music-In P6/7 we have learnt to create a song with Alan the songwriter he came in and helped us write a school song including the vision and all the school values. The final result was amazing.

by Tadhg,Alice and Jaiden

P6/7 Learning Log Blog


This week in art we have been researching and drawing an animal in the rainforest. We have also been finishing our rainforest scenes by adding chalk pastel, paint or watercolour pencil. Gemma, Ella-Malaika, Amy, William & Bethany


This week in R.M.E we learned about Mother Teresa. We learned about how she contributed to our world and how she never gave up and persevered until the end. Mother Teresa took care of the people who needed help the most, and when recognised and awarded she took the award not for herself but for the people. Poppy, Caitlin, Josh & Cailib.


In the past week few  weeks p6/7 have been learning about the rainforest we are researching different animals and the different layers of the rainforest and we will be displaying them on the wall. Torri, Alice, Benjamin, Saul



In maths this week we learned about digital roots and how maths can make a pattern. we also did a shape sheet to see how good our knowledge of shape is. Zoe, Emma, Jaiden, Charlie, Tadhg



During this week we have been experimenting on water evaporation, we put a jug of 100ml water onto the radiator, on the window sill and in a dark cupboard. We then looked to see if any had evaporated;  the one on the radiator was left with 0ml, and the one on the window sill and in the cupboard still had 100ml.  Marly and Selena



This week the primary 6s went to a rugby festival, the boys won nine out of ten of their games and the girls won them all! It was really fun , we got to practice tackling, passing and we played sharks and fishes. Ben, Samuel and Richard



P6/7 Learning Log Blog

Our learning last week:

On Thursday 3rd of March it was world World Book Day so we had to dress up as our favourite character.  Mrs Robertson took the whole school out for orienteering in the afternoon. It was fun! We worked in groups and we had to read the map, orientate it and thumb it and find all the control points.  It was quite hard but my group did pretty well.  Health & Wellbeing/ Maths /literacy  Torri/Benjamin/Josh/Bethany/Ella Malaika

Our learning this week:

In P.E we have been learning Tag Rugby lessons from Fergus because we are soon going to a tournament on 16th of March. I love the games when we compete against each other – great fun! I am competitive. We are all so excited it is going to be fun!Amy/Marly/Ben/Maisie Belle/Charlie/Benjamin/Alice

In Art we have been drawing the rainforest for the wall – Saul           We are preparing  presentations on the rainforest and have been learning interesting facts -Gemma

In Maths we are learning about digital roots and how they are linked to all the other areas of maths with Mr Moody.  We had to find the digital roots of different times tables and make them into patterns in circles. Ella Malaika /Bethany /Gemma/Caitlin

In Maths we have been learning about 3D shapes, counting vertices and edges. Poppy/Samuel/Selena

Our learning over the two weeks:

During the last 2 weeks the four P6s that got chosen for the Euroquiz have been studying  for it.  We all learned about the European Union and Europe.  The four Euroquizers (Tadhg, Emma, William and Alice) went to compete in Haddington on the 9th of March and we came 5th.  We studied mountains, rivers, flags, shapes of countries, languages, capitals and more online and we wrote it all down. Emma/William/Tadhg  Social Studies

In P.E we have been doing cross country running with proper warm up and cool down stretches.  Some of us have joined Mrs Robertson’s Early Bird Running Club and Mr Harris has got involved too.  It is great fun and we ran down to the farm along the fields up by the golf course and back through the woods.  We did about 2.5 miles. We are all improving our stamina.  Health & Wellbeing Josh/Charlie/Benjamin