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P 6/7 Learning Log Blog 16.03.18

Ruby (P7) “This week I found writing a creative story really fun! We had to use the rainforest for inspiration since that is our topic.” Literacy

Angus & Tom (P7) “We really enjoyed making our maths board games it allowed us to be creative and inventive. It is really interesting to see how much work goes in!” Numeracy

Gregor & Jamie (P6) “I have enjoyed doing 2D shapes we drew them with a protractor, ruler and rubber which is new to me!” Numeracy

Hannah (P7) “This week I enjoyed doing accurate 2D shapes it made me expand my mathematical thinking of things.” Numeracy

Jemma (P7) & Olivia (P6) “We really enjoyed rugby playing a game about not getting tagged helped us think about space .We did races with a team to get the ball there and back to the person who started.” Health & Wellbeing

P 6/7 thought digitally and created GIFs to present their ideas on what they wanted to learn about through the context of Tropical Rainforests.  Check some of them out here…

P 6/7 Learning Log Blog ‘Catch Up’ 19.02.18 – 09.03.18

After the half term break P 6/7 returned to school focused, enthused and ready to showcase their learning and talents at the Scots Assembly.

Lucy, Phoebe & Ruby (P7) ‘We really enjoyed the Scots Assembly because P 6/7 sang not 1 not 2 but 3 songs! Our favourite was I’m on my way because the P7 girls made up an incredible dance routine to go with it which everyone loved!’ Health & Wellbeing

Visit to The Risk Factory

This unique  interactive safety experience exposed the children to a range of  everyday risks in a safe environment and aimed to teach them how to deal with or avoid risks altogether.  Everyone throughly enjoyed learning actively through a wide variety of real life scenarios helping to develop pro-active citizenship amongst P6/7.














A massive well done to Tom for his creative wizardry with the snow that blanketed East Lothian…

Lucy (P7) “This week I enjoyed going to the Youth Summit at the Brunton Theatre because me and Angus represented Dirleton Primary School. This felt special we will be talking about it in assembly on Monday!” Health & Wellbeing

The idea was to spark on-going conversations that generate ‘Ideas for Change, and Ideas for Action’ that East Lothian can pledge on.

World book day was postponed due to the recent snow but was rescheduled and participated with whole heartedly by all…

...and finally a big well done to the P7 ‘Rotary Quiz Team’ of Angus, Sam, Ruby and Hannah, you did us all proud!



P 6/7 Learning Log Blog 09.02.18

Robin (P7)  “This week I enjoyed making group routines in P.E because we were able to work together in a team.” Health & Wellbeing

Lucy & Phoebe (P7) “We really enjoyed creating a routine with music along with it. We rated each others performance out of 10. We loved it!” Health & Wellbeing

Jemma (P7)  “This week I loved doing the game when we got tangled by our arms and tried to untangle. I also liked when we were blind folded and had to get into the right order” Numeracy and Health & Wellbeing







  Angus (P7) ” I loved the problem solving tasks my favourite was knots, I had to use teamwork which I sometimes find hard!” Numeracy and Health & Wellbeing

Ruby & Tom (P7) “This week we really enjoyed doing our news report on the computers about the Clydebank Blitz in WW2 ,we used our note taking skills , writing skills  and  I.T skills to create a good report.”




  Some of P6/7’s finished propaganda posters…



P 6/7 LEARNING LOG BLOG 02.02.18

Robin (P 7) “This week I enjoyed constructing and painting Stars of David because we made them with sticks which we collected from the woodland.” RME & Technologies

                                                       Jamie (P6) “I really enjoyed P.E because we did gymnastics, we used the spring-board and vaults. It was really fun!” Health & Wellbeing

Ruby & Tom (P7) “This week we enjoyed learning about limericks, poetry was how children might of keep themselves entertained during the war. They are little happy poems with a certain amount of syllables in each line. It was really fun people made some hilarious ones!’’ Literacy & Social Studies


                                   Rory (P6) “This week I enjoyed doing the daily mile challenge because it keeps me healthy and active!” Health & Wellbeing

For more information check out the following website:

Angus (P7) “I’ve enjoyed learning about inequalities and i think i’m starting to understand them fully.” Numeracy

Kier (P6) “I enjoyed maths this week it was really fun working out problems using algebra!” Numeracy