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Brunel Project – creating arch structures

As part of our Brunel project we have been learning how to create strong structures. Arches are very strong and have been used in bridge design for thousands of years.
We learned that arches work so well as the force in the middle of the arch is distributed down the sides and into the strong side pillars.
Our challenge was to build an arch structure that was at least 2cm high and covered a span of at least 10cm. The structure had to have side pillars and a key stone.
Although there were some great efforts this challenge proved to be harder than they expected and not everyone managed to meet all the design criteria. I think the class started to appreciate how hard Brunel’s job really was!!
The strongest structure produced was by Tamsin and Grace whose structure managed to hold a massive 3.6KG… well done girls!!

Grace and Tamsinarch structure

Isambard Kingdom Brunel p6/7 Project

This term the P6/7’s will be doing a Science and Technologies project on Brunel. This week we started by looking at what he accomplished during his life. Working in pairs we used our research to make video biographies in Windows Movie Maker. We had a lot of fun with task and found the video editing quite challenging nevertheless some fantastic work was produced! Here are the efforts of Ella Malaika and Bethany! Well done girls!