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P1/2 Learning Log

P1/2 are continuing to learn new sounds and put this knowledge to good use within their reading books.  We have had a bit of a push on reading and writing Red words this week.

The children are excited about their class talks next week.  There’s been a lot of chat about the different cities the children are working on.  I look forward to hearing them throughout the week.

On Monday, the children walked in to find the Toy shop is having a half price sale!

This sale is going to help us as we continue to learn about fractions.

P1/2 Learning Log

P1/2 have been continuing with our Spring theme in science by learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly.

The ‘shops’ continue to be busy and the children are working hard with their addition and subtraction by adding values together and working out how much change is needed.

We’ve begun a new topic in PE, the children are now working on their different athletic skills.

P1/2 Learning Log

P1/2 have been full of the joys of spring this week!  We went out on a nature walk to look for signs of Spring to help us with our writing.

We’ve also been having great fun learning about money.  The children are very excited about two new shops opening in our classroom! Dirleton Toy Shop and Dirleton Travel have been helping us learn about coins, their values and giving change.

P1/2 Learning Log

We had fun this week sharing our favourite stories for World Book Day.  Many of the boys and girls shared pictures they had made of their favourite books.

We have been continuing to revise our learning of shape through plasticine, Lego and globes and the children are still keen to share with everyone what time it is throughout the day! We’re now learning about money in maths and the children are enjoying ‘going shopping’.

Some of our P2s got the opportunity to share their learning of ‘Food for Thought’ at the Dirleton Lunch Hub.  I heard they had great fun mingling with people from the community and were articulate when talking about the produce they had made!  I believe there was even time to fit in a wee cake before returning to school!