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Craig – ‘This week in writing we wrote about an elf character. My elf was called Paul.  I really enjoyed doing this work because it was a good idea for a plan for a Christmas story’. Literacy

Rebecca -‘This week we all made  hot air balloons for our school winter display.  This is because we have been thinking about mapping Dirleton in our topic ‘Portrait of Dirleton’ and so we would see Dirleton from a birds eye view in a hot air balloon.    The whole school worked together to make the display and I really liked doing it and I hope we can do it again some time’ – Art

Daniel– This week we have been learning about negative numbers in Maths.  Part of what we did was worked out the hottest to coldest temperatures in each month of the year in Dirleton.’ –Maths

P5 Learning Blog

By Craig, Graham & Rory

 Anti-bullying week

This week, as most of you know, it was anti-bullying week and we were thinking about what makes people unique why sometimes people get bullied for being ‘different’ .

This week in PE we were learning Scottish dances like ‘The Gay Gordons’.  We also learned the Dashing White Sergeant.scottish-dancing

This week in Social Subjects we made maps of Dirleton and East Lothian.  In Maths we learned about coordinates and this links into our work on maps.

In instruction writing we wrote instructions telling people how to dance the Canadian Barn Dance.


P5 Learning Blog

Olivia – I enjoyed maths because we learned about angles  and making sure they are perfectly measured.  We learned about Acute, Obtuse, Right and Reflex angles.

Lilly- I enjoyed P.E because we did two different types of dancing the Gay Gordon’s and the Canadian Barn Dance, it was fun!

Kier – I enjoyed music this week because Pitch Pulse Magic came in. They brought in a Cello and a Spanish Guitar and taught us about pitch.  They were amazingly talented.


Pitch Pulse Magic Pitch Pulse Magic