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The Battle of Prestonpans


I was sitting at my desk drawing a picture of the battle when a man dressed as a Jacobite ran into the class shouting making everyone jump out of their skin! He shouted “Are you ready to fight for your rightful king?” “If you are line up and follow me!”

 We all lined up excitedly and followed him out to the dinning hall where there was a model landscape of Prestonpans in 1745 and tiny model men of the Jacobites and The Red Coats. It was really cool and Steve told us that the only building that is still standing today is Bankton House.

 Next Steve taught us how to play a game with the mini men. We split into two teams, The Jacobites and The Red Coats. I was in the Red Coats and Alex was our leader (John Cope). Lara was the Jacobite leader (Bonnie Prince Charlie).

 Then Steve took us back to class where we listened to a song that was commemorated to the people who died in the war, Steve told us to close our eyes and not to open them until the song had finished. When the song finished another man called Adam started shouting at us! Adam asked for a volunteer and picked Jamie. He dressed up as a Red Coat and even got to wear a sword and gun!

 It was a really cool experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Hannah M. P7

Eco poster competition

The Winners of the litter poster competition have been announced! The winners (pictured above) from P1/2 were Benjamin for computer genarated drawn and Peter for the best hand drawn, from P3/4 Taylor for best hand drawn and Keir for the best computer generated and finally from P6/7 for best Hannah M for the best hand drawn and Sam for the best computer generated. Well done Everyone! 🙂

By Hannah M