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P 6/7 Learning Log 20.1.17


Lennox “I liked learning about hire purchase, even though I only got a few questions in.”


Ruby “I enjoyed acting out moral dilemmas in RME.”

Saul “I enjoyed the drama because we worked as a team.”

Ben “This week we learned about moral dilemmas in RME. We performed a drama.”


Social Studies

William “We learned about milking by making a flow chart.”

Finlay W “I have enjoyed learning about how milk is made.”



P 6/7 Learning Log 2.12.16

Thanks to all who attended the P 6/7 assembly. The class enjoyed sharing their learning.


This week’s technology challenge involved designing and making watercraft from limited resources.

Sam ‘We had to  design a boat to hold 25 coins for 10 seconds without sinking. Some of the best boats were symmetrical so if we evened out the coins, it would balance. ‘



This week the class undertook a maths challenge to calculate the amount of sales and profit made at a Book Sale.

Tom ‘We had to find out how much profit we could make from selling books. To do this we had to find the total of each book and add 30%.’


Lucy ‘I enjoyed making the wreaths. We had to strip back the foliage and add it to the oasis ring. They looked very festive. The pine and rosemary smelled good.’

Imaginative Writing

Imaginative writing

It was the last week of term so Mrs Bowers asked us to write an imaginative writing story. We had to use VCOP and nothing scary or inappropriate and always remember your big full stops and big capital letters.

By Jayden and Amy


Isambard Kingdom Brunel p6/7 Project

This term the P6/7’s will be doing a Science and Technologies project on Brunel. This week we started by looking at what he accomplished during his life. Working in pairs we used our research to make video biographies in Windows Movie Maker. We had a lot of fun with task and found the video editing quite challenging nevertheless some fantastic work was produced! Here are the efforts of Ella Malaika and Bethany! Well done girls!