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Thank you Mandy!

We’d like to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ to Tomas’ mummy for coming in to see us and for teaching us some sign language this afternoon.

We learned how to say ‘my name is…’ and the alphabet, as well as some of our hobbies.

This has really helped us to understand some of the challenges faced by deaf people as we learn about the senses.DSCN1685[1]


Chloe and John tell us about making toys from junk

I got to go with my buddy and make a toy, we made a squid. We used a cake box, an egg box, Fyber Glass and pieces of cardboard. Then we also got to paint it. We painted the body yellow and the back of its head was red and the tentacles were all different colours.

By John


To finish our project we made toys from junk and painted them. We made a great job. I made a space rocket.

By Chloe

Yellowcraigs Outdoor Education Day 25/3/15 – A great day had by all!

A huge thanks go to Martyn Pegg and Keith Christie from Outdoor Education.

Excellent well organised day, Martyn!  A great big thanks also go to all the lovely parent helpers, who gave up their precious time to make our day run so well. A special thanks to Super-Mum, Sam and Super-Dad, Tony who did a wonderful job with the Bikeability activities.  Well done all the other Super-Mums, some of whom even took part and were highly competitive, you know who you are, Annabel and Susan! Well done everyone, a great team effort produced a very rewarding day!

Please watch our fun slide show of our day!