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P 4/5 Learning Log 10.6.16


Ruby    I enjoyed PE because we got to play rounders.

Phoebe  I really enjoyed sports day because there were loads of activities and races.


Hannah I loved the sports day. It got me exercising.


Climate Change

Jack    I enjoyed making the movies because it was fun.

Olaia   I enjoyed making the Climate Change movies because after people had finished we got to watch the movies

Ava I liked writing our Extreme Weather booklets because we looked at lots of different books.


Lyla    In maths we continued money. I realy liked it because we got to play a maths game.

Lucy    I enjoyed the maths problems. They were very hard but fun.

P 4/5 Learning Log 27.5.16

Social Studies

Lyla I enjoyed going to the orchard because we got to do a treasure hunt.


Charlie I enjoyed the amazing treasure hunt at the orchard.

Jack I liked going to the orchard and playing chaos tig.


Climate Change

Hannah I enjoyed designing the wacky machines. My idea was to produce apple seeds instead of smoke.

Ruby's Iceberg Making Machine design
Ruby’s Iceberg Making Machine design

Graham I liked the climate change agree or disagree game.

Health and Well Being

Eva I enjoyed the Inside Out emotions. We made the emotions on our faces.

Ava I liked doing the face expressions with anger, fear, joy, sadness and disgust.

Tom's cartoon shows some of our facial expressions.
Tom’s cartoon shows some of our facial expressions.

Art and Design

Alistair I enjoyed making the Dirleton Fete and Games poster.

Ruby I loved making the poster for the Dirleton Fete and Games.

P 4/5 Learning Log 20.5.16


Ava I enjoyed PE because we used the batons for relay.

Social Studies

Sam I enjoyed the climate change experiment where we put one thermometer in a glass jar and another thermometer not in a glass jar. We found the one in the glass jar got hotter than the other. This helped us understand how the Greenhouse Effect can heat up Earth.

Alistair I enjoyed seeing the Greenhouse Effect in action.


Hannah I loved the problem solving (it was really hard).


Robin I enjoyed making newspaper articles because it was awesome.

Health Week (Monday) P4/5

We started our Health Week by discussing what it means to be healthy and the importance of being healthy.

P 4/5 discussed the importance of being healthy.
P 4/5 discussed the importance of being healthy.

The class came up with lots of ideas which led to a meaningful discussion.

We have written about some of our favourite activities from day 1 of our Health Week below…


Lucy       “I thought the food and snacks we tasted were healthier than crisps. I liked some more than others.”

Lyla        “Try the things you think you don’t like 10 times before you decide.”

Olaia      “We discovered which snacks to bring that are healthy.”

Jack        “I learned that sugar makes you tired.”


Graham     “I enjoyed playing cricket. My favourite part was being the batter.”

Tom       “I learned how to play racing cricket.”


Robin    “I enjoyed tennis because I could take part even though I have an injury.”

Charlie  “In tennis I learned some new drills.”