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P1/2 Blog

Jayden: ‘This week we have been learning about electricity and how to keep safe.  We know that we should not go near pylons or play near, or with, electricity boxes .’   Social Subject

Tomas: ‘This week the P6s helped us learn some tennis, some rugby and some football.  They set up some courses for us to do.  I  liked tennis the best.’   PE

Tam: ‘This week in Maths we got a new booklet and there were number ladders up to 1000 and I found it quite easy but some people didn’t.  We also learned about Grid References and shape patterns.’   Maths

Arne: ‘We have been learning about keeping safe around strangers.  I learned that if a stranger offers you sweeties (or something) you would say NO, then you would run away and tell an adult.’   Social Subjects

Oscar: ‘Last Friday we met the new P1s and our teacher.  We showed them how to stand smartly and get snacks and jackets.  They were learning our names too.’   Welcoming the new P1s

P 3/4 LEARNING LOG BLOG 17.06.16

Zidane (P3) ‘I enjoyed practicing sewing because it is something different which I have never done before.’ Expressive ArtsIMG_9510IMG_9513

Fearghal (P3) ‘I enjoyed designing Nessie because I got to name and use my imagination.’ Expressive Arts

Craig (P4) ‘I enjoyed P.E. because we practiced our passing skills to get better at bench ball.’ Health & Wellbeing

Tom (P3) ‘I really liked maths because I got really far by persevering and learned some difficult things about data and bar graphs.’ Numeracy

Lilly (P4) ‘I loved circle time because I got to tell other children about my ideas on saving animals.’ Literacy

P 3/4 LEARNING LOG BLOG 10.06.16

Fearghal (P3) ‘I enjoyed sports day because I came 4th in the long distance race this made me feel fantastic!’ Health and Wellbeing

Emma (P3) ‘I loved our sports day because we had lots of different activities to choose from, my favourite one was the obstacle bean bag course!’ Health and wellbeing IMG_9414IMG_9328IMG_9310IMG_9376

Olivia (P4) ‘I find doing spelling outside fun because we got to learn in the lovely sunny weather.’ Literacy

Zidane (P3) ‘I learned a new song call ‘Frere Jacques’ using the ukulele it makes me feel happy when I learn new songs!’ Expressive Arts

Charlotte (P4) ‘I enjoyed making a tourist map of Scotland because we learned how to use an atlas and found different places in Scotland.’ Social Studies

Rebecca (P4) ‘I liked starting a new topic about data in maths because it seems quite challenging which feels like I am getting more educated!’ Numeracy

Fairyland Afternoon

I would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to all the Fairyland visitors who attended this afternoon.  It was a huge success and I know the children loved sharing their learning with you all.

The children looked wonderful dressed up (as did Mrs Wellwood!) and, I’m sure, did you all proud with their responsible attitudes.

Thank you, too, to the P6/7 girls and their super storytelling!

Oscar (aka, Puss in Boots!)No Fairytale is complete without a beautiful princess, or two!  Cameron and his mummy having fun in the sweetie houseOur wonderful storytellersbusy in the classroom with our visitors