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P6/7 Learning Logs

Expressive Arts

This week we`ve been doing a lot of work on the play, practising the songs, rehearsing our lines, we have also done some art for the play. We made rosettes and a sign that says PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB MEETING IN PROGESS!! We`ve learned the songs and learned most of our lines.

Selena, Marly, Richard, Saul, Samuel and Cailib


Sports Day

This week was our sports day, the whole school went down to the green and participated in a number of sports. We also took part in running races, sack races, golf ball and spoon and long distance races. Every house worked together as a team and by 5 points Ruthven were the winning team and won the cup. Well done Ruthven, well done everyone.

Amy, Zoe and Alice


Last Friday p6/7 went to Dalkieth  for an orienteering competition. Although our school has not had as much practice in the sport as some of the schools there, all the children did there best to put in the maximum effort, but the most important thing to remember is to try to have fun and do your best and in the end we came sixth against all the top schools our best time was 17 mins 58secs. Well done everyone!

Caitlin, Tadhg, Charlie and Poppy._.


This week in mental maths we have been learning about time. We added subtracted time we also converted 24 hour time in to normal time in our jotters.


In PE we played chaos tig at the start and after that we played rounders boys vs girls and p6 vs p7 and ended as a draw both times.

Benjamin ,Ben, Emma, Jaiden and Josh

Health & Wellbeing

On Tuesday this week, primary 6/7 went to the risk factory in Edinburgh to learn about everyday risks and how to deal with them. We went through eleven rooms, all with different scenarios and worked out how to keep ourselves and others safe.

Bethany, Ella Malaika, William & Gemma

P 4/5 Learning Log 10.6.16


Ruby    I enjoyed PE because we got to play rounders.

Phoebe  I really enjoyed sports day because there were loads of activities and races.


Hannah I loved the sports day. It got me exercising.


Climate Change

Jack    I enjoyed making the movies because it was fun.

Olaia   I enjoyed making the Climate Change movies because after people had finished we got to watch the movies

Ava I liked writing our Extreme Weather booklets because we looked at lots of different books.


Lyla    In maths we continued money. I realy liked it because we got to play a maths game.

Lucy    I enjoyed the maths problems. They were very hard but fun.

P1/2 Learning Log

John: ‘This week we made the 3 Little Pig’s Houses out of wood, straw and brick.  I found the wood quite easy but the straw was quite hard to work with because it was blowing away and was hard to stick to the glue but I persevered and got there in the end.  The brick was easy because we used sponge to dab the bricks .’   Art

Ava L: ‘This week it was sports day.  We did lots of games and activities.  Some of the high school pupils came to help us.  I enjoyed the potted sports the best  and the flat race was easy.’   PE (sports day)

Jayden: ‘In music this week we were learning how to keep the beat.  We used drums and other percussion instruments and the beat was kept by clapping.’   Music

Tomas: ‘In Maths we were learning grid references and we used the computers to play a game where a shark had to find different foods.  The space ship game was easy!’   ICT/Maths

Duncan: ‘We have all been learning about fractions.  We have been learning about halves and quarters.  We know that if you split something in half it has 2 equal bits and if it is split into quarters it is split into 4 equal bits.’   Maths

Tam: ‘The last 2 weeks we have been working with Gordon to learn a story about a character called ‘Thomas the Rhymer’.  We have been using actions and music and our hands to tell the story..’   Drama/Music

Sports Day – Thursday June 9th @10am


on the Village Green

We aim to begin Sports Day at 10am tomorrow on the Village Green.   Children should come dressed in sportswear ready to begin but the forecast is for changeable weather, so please ensure your child is dressed appropriately – if warm, suncream should be applied before your child comes to school.  If your child has a sun hat, it would be sensible to bring it to school.  Please also ensure that your child brings bottled water so they can keep hydrated during the course of the morning. Our sports day should be finished for lunchtime.

If you are able, come along and support your children and school at Sports Day.

B Moody

Head Teacher