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P1/2 Learning Log 11.11.16

We observed 2 minutes silence today at 11am-

In remembrance.

We have been learning about seasonal changes at this time of year –

surrounded by nature we have been thinking about the autumnal colours and the animals that hibernate during these dark months.

Kai made a lovely model of a hedgehog


finding and using autumn leaves for a nest.

We discussed what we  enjoyed learning about

this week in class…

Emily P1 ‘ I really liked learning to write my letters on my whiteboard’ – literacy

Charlotte P1 ‘I have enjoyed learning new songs about the nativity story,  it’s fun’ expressive arts -music

Calum P1 ‘ have enjoyed trying new fruits and foods this week in school’ health & wellbeing

Lucas P1 ‘ I liked working on the computers’ technologies

Cameron P2 ‘ I have enjoyed PE, it’s been really fun learning new games’ health & wellbeing

Rudi P2 ‘ I have enjoyed sharing things with my friends at playtimes’ health & wellbeing

Jayden P2 ‘ I have enjoyed learning about different styles of  music’ expressive arts – music

P1/2 Learning Log 14.10,16

P1/2 have made a positive start to the school year

Together we Grow

P1/2 planted 2 new Dirleton Red Apple trees in our orchard.

We planted our dreams and wishes below the trees and will watch the  trees grow along with our dreams and aspirations.

Together we grow

P1/2 have been trying new fruits, they’re delicious!

P1/2 enjoying their free fruit

As we finish school for the half term holiday  some of our new P1s have been telling us what they have enjoyed most since starting school

Hamish (P1) ‘I have enjoyed going to all the assemblies and also learning the school song.’ Health & wellbeing 

Maeve (P1) ‘I have really enjoyed learning new letter sounds and learning to read words.’ Literacy

Charlotte (P1) ‘I have really enjoyed learning French in school and going to the French after school club.’  Literacy – Modern Languages

Our P2s have also been telling us what they have enjoyed

Jayden (P2) ‘I have enjoyed getting to know Mrs Broadley our music teacher because she wasn’t at the school last year.’ Expressive Arts – Music

Cameron (P2) ‘ I really enjoyed celebrating my birthday in September in school – I felt special.’ Health & Wellbeing

Lucy (P2) ‘I have enjoyed trying new foods at lunchtime and playing with my friends.’ Health & wellbeing

Rudi (P2) ‘I enjoy playtime with my friends and the outdoor learning day we had at Yellowcraigs.’ Health & wellbeing & Science

Lottie (P2) ‘I have really enjoyed music and also learning the song about Autumn – Turn Back The Clocks.’ Expressive Arts – Music

Being Responsible 

Lauchie and Maeve working together as  a team to distribute our milk




New letters

We are working hard on our handwriting.

Happy Half term everyone.

P1/2 LEARNING BLOG 02.09.16

Our P1s have been trying really hard at school and have been enjoying lots of things…

Charlie – I have really enjoyed making new friends this week and having fun in school > Health & wellbeing

Niamh – I have loved making pictures this week, it is fun – Art & design

Kai – I have had fun playing at break times this week> Health & wellbeing

Hamish – I have been building and creating things with lego this week, it’s been great >Technologies

Our P2s are working hard at lots of things…

Rudi – I have enjoyed writing most this week > Literacy & English

Lauchie – I have been working hard and having fun on the laptops – Technologies

Moray – I really enjoyed basketball during PE – Health & wellbeing