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Tom (P4) ‘I enjoyed learning about the water cycle because we discussed lots of scientific words like precipitation and condensation.’ Science

Hamish (P3) ‘I loved walking to the beautiful beach. Tam and me found crabs and amazingly a red sea anemones.’ Science

Kitty (P4) ‘I liked going to Yellowcraigs beach because we took part in 3 different activities. My favourite one was beach art. Eleanor, Gemma and me made a volcano out of sand, seaweed and rocks. Expressive Arts

Fearghal (P4) ‘I really enjoyed going down to the beach. The strandline treasure hunt was good because I found lots of different materials.’ Science and Health & Wellbeing

Arne (P3) ‘I enjoyed rock pooling because I found a weird green rock. I thought it was an emerald! I also liked touching the sea anemones they felt strange.’ Science

Zidane (P4) ‘I liked P.E. because Tyler and I got to set up everything including the nets and help run the games for Mrs Johnson.’ Health & Wellbeing

John (P3) ‘I found a Devil Crab it’s eyes were as red as blood!’ Science

P 3/4 Learning Log Blog 12.05.17

Ava L (P3) ‘I enjoyed art when we sketched trees before we did our perfect watercolour tree. It made me feel happy!’ Expressive Arts

Ryan (P4) ‘We all played tennis and learned forehand and backhand moves and Tom won the game 3 times. I won one game it made me feel amazing!’ Health & Wellbeing

Tam (P3) ‘I loved maths this week because our new topic was measurement. We went outside and investigated the lengths of different objects.’ NumeracyTyler (P4) ‘I learned a new song in music with the ukulele. We used the cords F & C. To play the cord F you have to put your pointing finger on the second string and the forth string. It was really hard!’ Expressive Arts

Gemma (P3) ‘I really liked learning similes because some similes make my writing hilarious!’ Literacy

P 3/4 LEARNING LOG BLOG 05.05.17

Hamish (P3) ‘I enjoyed playing the Ukulele. We learnt to play ‘Frere Jacques’ and ‘Ten in the Bed’ this made me feel excited!’ Expressive Arts

Tyler (P4) ‘I really enjoyed the writing we did this week because we got to stretch our minds! This is a good thing and helps our memory.’ Literacy

Ava M (P3) ‘I really loved the maths games this week because I finally got to understand some of my times tables and how they work.’ Numeracy

Tom (P4) ‘Presenting my climbing film to the whole class was exciting. I liked watching myself when I climb. Ryan thought it was brilliant and maybe one day he could try!’ Literacy and Health & Wellbeing

John (P3) ‘The Google Earth was really cool because there was a yellow man in the corner. You picked him up and dropped him in a place where you see. It was cool to walk about in Dirleton and see the school.’ ICT and Social Studies

P 3/4 LEARNING LOG BLOG 28.04.17

Tom (P4) ‘I really enjoyed when we found out how far the planets are from the sun. We made a solar system map. I was surprised because the Earth seems like it is really far from the sun but not compared to Neptune!’ Science    

Tam (P3) ‘I loved maths this week because it was all about division and when I got the hang of it… it was really fun!’ Numeracy

Gemma (P4) ‘I found the filming funny because Chloe was supposed to miss the goal but she got it in twice!!!’ Literacy and Expressive Arts

Alex (P4) ‘I enjoyed it when we painted the giants because we had to really think hard about what they were going to look like.’ Expressive Arts & Languages Ava M (P3) ‘I enjoyed drama because it was fascinating when Shona taught us all the French words with Madame Swan.’ Expressive Arts & Languages