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P5 learning blog

Craig – ‘This week in writing we wrote about an elf character. My elf was called Paul.  I really enjoyed doing this work because it was a good idea for a plan for a Christmas story’. Literacy

Rebecca -‘This week we all made  hot air balloons for our school winter display.  This is because we have been thinking about mapping Dirleton in our topic ‘Portrait of Dirleton’ and so we would see Dirleton from a birds eye view in a hot air balloon.    The whole school worked together to make the display and I really liked doing it and I hope we can do it again some time’ – Art

Daniel– This week we have been learning about negative numbers in Maths.  Part of what we did was worked out the hottest to coldest temperatures in each month of the year in Dirleton.’ –Maths

P5 Learning Blog

This week we were learning some Chinese from Miss He, all the way from China.  She is going to be working with us on a Wednesday teaching us Chinese.  We’re really excited to see her again next week!


Miss He

We learned how to say hello in Chinese  it is Ni Hao.


Where Miss He is from

This week we used the ‘measure’ learning we had done in Maths to weigh ingredients for baking for the P5 assembly .  We are all really proud of our efforts and feel it was a huge success this morning.  We hope you agree.



Thank you to all of the adults who gave up their time to run the coffee morning this morning.


By Graham, Ava and Lyla

P5 Learning Blog

Kier – ‘I liked learning with Charlotte from NYCOS.  We played fun games and she was showing us what the NYCOS groups are like’.  Music

Charlotte– ‘I enjoyed the visit from the lady from the SPCA.  She taught us about farm animals and I thought it was interesting hearing about organic chickens and battery chickens’.  Social Studies

Millie– ‘In PE we played line tig and netball.  PE

Daniel– So far in our topic we have looked at maps of Europe and looked at Greece and it’s islands.  We have started to make a poster about Modern Greece.  Social Subjects

Craig– ‘Today in Maths we have been doing problem solving.  We were given 7 cards upside down and had to work out what number was on each card.  The method we used was Trial & Improvement’.  Maths

P5 Learning Blog – Outdoor Learning Day

We all enjoyed a wonderful (and sunny) day at Yellowcraigs on Thursday.  Just look how beautiful the beach looked (there is no filter on this photo!)   We wanted to write our learning blog all about our day at Yellowcraigs.  img_0535 Craig & Daniel – ‘We really enjoyed learning about plants and their habitats.  I learned that there are lots of different types of plants and flowers at Yellowcraigs.   We noticed that in the woods there were less flowers because it is much darker and more sheltered and flowers like light and sun to grow.  The grasslands had longer grass and more flowers because it’s lighter and sunnier so more will grow.’



Olivia & Graham & Kier– ‘We really enjoyed when Dave Wild showed us how to cut the grass with different tools.  We learned that the quickest way to do this is with a lawnmower but in the past a sythe has been used.  We also learned about how Dave does his job and looks after the wildlife.  He has to make sure there are not too many trees in the grasslands otherwise the protected species of plants and grasses cant grow.  We also threw a hoop into grass and gave plants names.’


Millie – ‘I liked hunting for the bugs.  I found a caterpillar with Charlotte and we know that it will turn into a moth in the winter.’



Rebecca – ‘Our first activity was pollination.  We made a flower and popped in around about us.  The adults put some crushed up cheesy puffs on our flower to represent the pollen then we made a finger puppet bee and put bee face paint on, then went around the flowers picking up the pollen and transferring it.’