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P5 Learning Blog

Charlotte– ‘I enjoyed hockey this week because I learned a bit more about how to play.  I learned how to handle the ball with my hockey stick a bit better.’ PE

Charlie– ‘This week for our VCOP lesson we up-levelled a sentence about lying in bed, by adding exciting vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation’.  – Literacy

Jamie– ‘This week we were learning about the parts of a flower.  We learned the names of the different parts and I learned that a flower has male and female parts.’ – Topic

Rory– ‘I enjoyed Art today because it was really fun.  We were modelling insects using newspaper, masking tape, sellotape and art straws.  I enjoyed being creative’ – Art

Archie– ‘In maths this week we were learning how to round to the nearest 10 and nearest 100.  I found it quite easy!’ –Maths

P5 Learning Blog

Craig – ‘This week in music we welcomed back Mrs Broadly.  We were learning a Spanish song about grasslands.’ Music

Rory – ‘On Tuesday we went to the Orchard and we found lots of different types of bugs.  We tried to figure out what their names were by using an identification sheet.  We found an amphibian (common frog)’.  – Topic

Charlie – ‘In PE we were learning shot putt, javelin, discus and hop, skip, jump.  We recorded our results and used them for data handling in maths.  We created a line graph with our results.’ – PE/Maths

Rebecca – ‘We did a problem solving quiz testing out our thinking skills.  We recognised some of the questions from before but some of them were quite tricky – but not for Graham!’ – Problem Solving

Ava – ‘We have been learning about the differences between a bumblebee and a honeybee.’  Daniel – ‘I found it surprising that honeybees have long tongues.’ –Topic

Hello from P5

Hello and welcome to P5’s learning blog.

We will keep you updated with our learning on this blog so keep checking in with what we’re getting up to.

We have only had a short week this week but already we’ve been busy doing some important learning.

Craig – ‘This week in PE we were learning about the Rio Olympics 2016, so our PE was based around some of the sport played in the Olympics.  We learned Tennis and Basketball.  Next week we are playing Football and something else.’ – PE

Graham – ‘We did a little bit of research about grassland animals to decide a group name for our tables.’ – ICT

Daniel – ‘We cut out strips from a magazine and made types of insects we would find in grassland, for example beetles and butterflies.’ – Art

Other work we have done

LillyWe have been thinking about what our dreams are for the future, whilst thinking about our school vision.’

Jamie – ‘We have also been thinking about what makes a Terrific Teacher because we want to show Miss MacLean what she can do to be one!’

Olivia – ‘I enjoyed making class targets so we all know what we’re trying to achieve.’

Charlotte – ‘I enjoyed revising the meaning of a Growth Mindset and think it’s important to always be positive!’