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John Muir Award

To complete the four aspects of the John Muir Award, P 6/7 took part in a 2-day wildlife event at the Hareup Plantation. We took participated in a variety of activities.

Discover                 Explore                      Conserve                         Share

Bird Ringing

There are over 2000 experts in the UK like Andrew who ring birds.

They keep track of the bird’s location and the date. They also keep track of the weight, wing length and where the bird has been. The people have a big net which is hard to see and catches the birds.

If someone finds that same bird they can go online and put the code [which is on the ring] in to see where the bird was ringed and where it has been.

Then they send that information to the Natural History Museum so they can put into their data base.


We went to do the conservation because if we didn’t the wildlife could die out in the pond. So what we did was drag the sticks, leaves and litter with some special tools such as a pitch fork with bent prongs and a stick with hook in the end.

The pond is getting on well because it’s only been around one year and it is already swarming with wildlife.

Moth Trapping

We went to Hareup Plantation as part of our John Muir Award. We had two groups and we both picked a location for our moth traps.

In the morning we checked our moth traps we found over 20 moths which were all different species.

There were lots of variety and they were very interesting.

For locations to put our moth traps we were looking for areas with lots of shade and lots of different types of plants.

The Moth trap is a very unique thing. All it uses is a light, a big plastic tub and a few egg boxes.

Pond dipping

Dave Wild took us pond dipping and the ponds were only dug out about 1 year ago and that gave us a new habitat to explore.

We used nets to fish out wildlife and see what species lived there. The wildlife we caught we put in a white tray and Dave Wild was surprised at how many species were there.

Ladybird City

The adults that were helping us planned lots of activities that were really interesting. However in the field next to the Hareup Plantation, we discovered lots and lots of ladybirds. Making the ladybird city was not part of the plan but our initiative led us to discover and explore the wonderful world of ladybirds. For more fantastic facts watch the video.

Thank You

A huge Thank You to Dave Wild, Katty Baird, Ang Morris and Andrew Thorpe for helping us achieve our John Muir Awards.


Sharpe shooter!

Dounans has now become a home form home… new friendships forged, an upturn in the weather and plenty of activities to keep us all wet n wild… let the good times roll!

William “I found that my favourite activity so far was raft building because we had to work hard as a team and got wet a lot!”

Richard “When William was walking in the rain he slipped and couldn’t get up… there was water everywhere, it was so funny!”

Maiden voyage…

Anthony “Burn Scramble was amazing because we went through freezing waterfalls!”

Torri “I loved the Tree Climb because I got to the top and rung the bell… it was 16 metres high!

All smiles!

Alice ‘I really enjoyed gorge walking because it was fun walking up the waterfalls!”

Hill hiking in the mist

Charlie “I had a fantastic time gorge walking because of the beautiful scenery, it’s all been so much fun!”

Saul “I really liked archery because we had to hit different colours to get cutlery to eat with at dinner. I’m so happy it’s now sunny!”

Samuel ” The Nightline was fun. We were blindfolded and led by a rope over different obstacles, tunnels and trees. You didn’t know what was coming your way!”

“I have enjoyed all the banter around the camp with different people from all the schools. It will be great to see them at high school…”

Dirleton P7 boy band!

Ben “I’ve been enjoying all the different activities, I cann’t pick a favourite. The food is really good too!”

Lennox “Rafting was brilliant because we all worked together and then all got wet together!”

Evening swim after ditching the canoes!

P 6/7 Learning Log 17.3.17

Health and Well Being

Tadhg “I enjoyed going to the rugby festival because we learned to work as a team.”

Antony “I really liked the rugby and if I was at Dirleton another year I would do it again in a heartbeat!”

Ben “After the rugby festival we shared our thoughts on who did well and how!”

Social Studies and John Muir award

Ruby “This week I really enjoyed going to Foxlake then walking along the John Muir Way! I had fun and learned a lot too.”

Alice “On Thursday I participated in part of the John Muir Award. I enjoyed all of the activities but Meet A Tree was my favourite.”

Lucy I really enjoyed going to Foxlake and talking to James and Kate about how they developed the site.


Expressive Arts

Robin “I enjoyed being the bass player in the school play – Rapunzel.”

P 6/7 Learning Log 03/03/2017

P 6/7 have been engaging with Terrific Scientific through the BBC. This week the class took part in experiments to discover if warm or cold water would freeze faster. This is called the Mpemba Effect. To discover our results, please follow the link below, to the interactive map which compares our results to those around the country.