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P3/4 Learning Log 15.3.19

This week we have enjoyed listening to everyone’s presentations all about their favourite holiday.    The presentations were very interesting as the pupils had organised their information well, spoke clearly and made lots of eye contact with the audience.


In Science we made models to show the orbit of the Earth around the sun as well as the orbit of the moon around the Earth.  We used these models to help us understand day and night.


Here’s a few more photos of the presentations.


P1/2 Learning Log

P1/2 have had a busy first week back after our break.  We have been continuing our topic on city and rural life.  This week we’ve been looking at where our food comes from and building ‘cities’ from recycled materials.

We also started learning about shape in maths and enjoyed getting out in the slightly warmer weather looking for different shapes within our school grounds.