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P4/5 Learning Log 1.11.2019

The Solar System

We have been learning how far apart the planets are from each other and the sun, by creating scale models and artwork.

Charlotte “I have enjoyed learning about the Solar system because in was really funny to see the planets so small.”


We have been creating Halloween maths mosaics.

Rudi “I liked maths this week because some of the times tables were hard.”

Niamh “I am learning a lot from it.”

Lucy “It was interesting.”

P3/4 Learning Log 7.6.19

Another very busy week in P3/4.

Lauchie, Oscar, Moray and Hamish – we have enjoyed rounders as we have been improving our hand and eye coordination skills.

Charlotte – I have enjoyed everything this week!

Archie – I enjoyed writing because we wrote imaginative stories using our own ideas.

Emily and Finella – We enjoyed painting as we were using different techniques with the paint brush.

Charlie,  Archie, Lucas, Zach and Sam  – We all enjoyed working out addition and subtraction problems.