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P3/4 Learning Log 7.6.19

Another very busy week in P3/4.

Lauchie, Oscar, Moray and Hamish – we have enjoyed rounders as we have been improving our hand and eye coordination skills.

Charlotte – I have enjoyed everything this week!

Archie – I enjoyed writing because we wrote imaginative stories using our own ideas.

Emily and Finella – We enjoyed painting as we were using different techniques with the paint brush.

Charlie,  Archie, Lucas, Zach and Sam  – We all enjoyed working out addition and subtraction problems.

P3/4 Learning Log 24.5.19

Charlie:  I liked learning about the properties of 3D shapes as well as revising addition and subtraction.


Zach and Emily:  We have enjoyed mapping and creating a key.

Rudi: I enjoyed running and shot put in P.E.

Charlotte and Archie:  We enjoyed writing this week as we wrote imaginative stories and used direct speech marks.





P 5/6 Learning Log 17.5.2019

In cooking p5 made chocolate oat- cakes. There was 1 batch of them with salt and there was another batch without salt. I thought the batch without salt was the best one because it had more crunch!


I enjoyed playing battle ships with me and Tam in one team John and Hamish another. We play it by saying coordinates and hoping it hits part of a ship. If it hits part of a ship then me and Tam get another go if you hit all of the parts of a ship then It sinks.