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Welcome back

Hello everyone!

Hope you all have had a great summer holiday and are now ready to come back to school.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank last year’s P1/2 class for my wonderful end of year presents.  I took my mum along to Greywalls and we both had a fantastic afternoon enjoying our tea and strolling through the grounds.  Thank you very much.

Looking ahead to this year, I am looking forward to welcoming the new P1s and P2s tomorrow.  I’m sure we’ll all  have a great day.

Mrs Bowers

P3/4 Learning Log

Health Week

Ava P4:   I loved the Pilates because we got to do lots of
different stretches.

Hamish P4:  I really liked the bowling as I’ve never tried
this sport before, it’s more fun than I thought it was going to be.
I’ve only tried 10 pin bowling before.

Duncan P4:  I enjoyed the bowling. The 3 in a row game was great fun.

Rudi P3:  I enjoyed the Taekwon Do especially the duck, jump and dodge game.

Lauchie P3:  I really, really liked the rugby because next
year I’m going to play contact rugby and this is one of
my last touch games.


We also had a visit from Buddy Bear this week as he wanted to hear all about our fantastic acts of kindness towards each other since his last visit.

We found some time to plant some wildflowers in the freshly painted blue tyres.    Our playground is looking so good!

We finished off the week with sports day and had a fantastic time.

P3/4 would like to say a big thank you to all those that have made this week possible.  We’ve enjoyed every minute of it!

P7 Dounans Camp 01.06.18

The P7s returned from an epic sun blessed adventure at Dounans Outdoor Education Centre today. Everyone excelled in numerous activities and in doing so scaled new heights, forged friendships for high school and took a midgy bite or two for the team!   

“The crate climb was very fun because we got to balance on top of crate after crate which was a wobbly adventure in the midgey infested woodland!”  Jemma

“I really enjoyed camp especially the leap of faith because it helped me get over my fear of heights. I can now soar like an Osprey!” Robin





“At the end of camp I loved the disco because we all had a chance to dance with one another for the last time as P7s. Whoop Whoop!” Phoebe





“I loved climbing up the ginormous prickly pine tree to get to the wooden balance beam. Once I got to the top I walked carefully for 15 meters along the thin wobbly horizontal beam.” Finlay

“I enjoyed canoeing because Angus, Robin and I capsized and fell into the Loch Ard. The water was stingingly cold and it woke me up! Tom





“I really enjoyed the exploration walk because it was a great way to meet new friends and find out more about them. I also liked the burn scramble because robin fell in and got really dirty!” Lucy 

“Farmers and thieves was extraordinarily fun because we got to work in teams with our new friends. We ran our socks off until we were panting like poor wee dogs with no water on a hot sunny day!” Ruby





“Raft building was out of this galaxy, a great way to kick off our week of outdoor activities! It was a contest of design, control and teamwork which challenged and invigorated me!” Angus

“It was fun meeting new people during the amazing activities and working hard together to complete them. ” Hannah

P 5/6 Learning Log 1/6/2018


Rebecca “I enjoyed making the posters about Bottle Top Data. We did it to see how many bottle tops we have collected. There were 8 different colours.”

Rock Pooling

Zidane “I enjoyed rock pooling because we got out of the classroom and had fun.”

Charlotte “I really liked going rock pooling. It was really fun but scary because the other group found a massive crab.”

Bella “I really enjoyed exploring the rock pool because you see common crabs, hermit crabs and more.”

Theatre Trip

Lina “I enjoyed going to the theatre to watch Eddie and the Slumber Sisters. It’s about 3 sisters who watch everyone’s dreams and make sure they don’t turn into nightmares.”

Lilly “I enjoyed going to the theatre. One of the lady’s gave me a prty hat!”