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P3/4 Learning Log

The children have returned to school after their Christmas holiday refreshed and eager to learn.    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the lovely gifts, it was very kind of you.

We have been learning how to identify and compare fractions, we had fun cutting small cupcakes into equal parts. In PE we have been developing our skills in badminton.

 We drew winter trees and then used cold colours to paint between the branches. 

We have also been discussing what makes a good friend and how to deal with the ups and downs in friendships.

P5/6 Learning Log 11.01.2019

The work about Bonnie Prince Charlie was really fun because made a timeline and learned lot about our Scottish ancestors’ past. Also this week we have done splatter art we used paper for masking then we put paint on the paint brush then usedoure finger to splat the on paper then left to dry. After that we wrote inspiring words on the paper like happy, friendly and more.

Maths has been a lot more quiet because we have moved seats and got a lot more reward marbles.

By Fearghal McArdle and Sam Hay

P 5/6 Learning Log 7.12.8

Lina “I enjoyed listening to the North Berwick High School brass band playing loads of songs! I enjoyed this because  they were very talented and it was so interesting to watch!”

Tom “I extremely liked designing our own mars rovers because of all the engineering!”

Eleanor “I enjoyed doing our imaginative writing piece because we got a choice with what to write.”

Zidane “I liked doing our imaginative writing because it gives you a choice. And you could write down what’s on your mind. It is a good feeling.”