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P 6/7 Learning Log Blog 09.02.18

Robin (P7)  “This week I enjoyed making group routines in P.E because we were able to work together in a team.” Health & Wellbeing

Lucy & Phoebe (P7) “We really enjoyed creating a routine with music along with it. We rated each others performance out of 10. We loved it!” Health & Wellbeing

Jemma (P7)  “This week I loved doing the game when we got tangled by our arms and tried to untangle. I also liked when we were blind folded and had to get into the right order” Numeracy and Health & Wellbeing







  Angus (P7) ” I loved the problem solving tasks my favourite was knots, I had to use teamwork which I sometimes find hard!” Numeracy and Health & Wellbeing

Ruby & Tom (P7) “This week we really enjoyed doing our news report on the computers about the Clydebank Blitz in WW2 ,we used our note taking skills , writing skills  and  I.T skills to create a good report.”




  Some of P6/7’s finished propaganda posters…



P 6/7 LEARNING LOG BLOG 02.02.18

Robin (P 7) “This week I enjoyed constructing and painting Stars of David because we made them with sticks which we collected from the woodland.” RME & Technologies

                                                       Jamie (P6) “I really enjoyed P.E because we did gymnastics, we used the spring-board and vaults. It was really fun!” Health & Wellbeing

Ruby & Tom (P7) “This week we enjoyed learning about limericks, poetry was how children might of keep themselves entertained during the war. They are little happy poems with a certain amount of syllables in each line. It was really fun people made some hilarious ones!’’ Literacy & Social Studies


                                   Rory (P6) “This week I enjoyed doing the daily mile challenge because it keeps me healthy and active!” Health & Wellbeing

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Angus (P7) “I’ve enjoyed learning about inequalities and i think i’m starting to understand them fully.” Numeracy

Kier (P6) “I enjoyed maths this week it was really fun working out problems using algebra!” Numeracy