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Welcome back

Hello everyone!

Hope you all have had a great summer holiday and are now ready to come back to school.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank last year’s P1/2 class for my wonderful end of year presents.  I took my mum along to Greywalls and we both had a fantastic afternoon enjoying our tea and strolling through the grounds.  Thank you very much.

Looking ahead to this year, I am looking forward to welcoming the new P1s and P2s tomorrow.  I’m sure we’ll all  have a great day.

Mrs Bowers

P1/2 gets a visit from Buddy Bear

P1-4 got a visit from Buddy Bear this week.  The children had great fun dressed up as their favourite superhero and learning about playing nicely and the importance of being kind to one another.  We even had some relaxation time within our Mindfulness workshop!

Buddy bear even left us a gift- our very own Buddy Bear pack! After the Easter holidays, one child will get to bring Buddy Bear home with them at the end of each week.  Buddy Bear will accompany that child on adventures over the weekend and these adventures and acts of kindness could be written up in the diary which accompanies the pack. More information on this to follow!  Mrs Bowers.

P1/2 Learning log

P1/2 have been working hard on our ICT skills.  We’ve been taking lots of photos and learning how to upload these photos.

We’ve had a few visits from the Museum of Flight over the last few weeks.  The children loved making their own paper aeroplanes and trying them out.  They also had great fun working out how to how to get their rockets to lift in the air.  Mrs Bowers.

Can you build an Igloo?

P1/2 children & parents 

& children& parents of all other classes

Will you accept the challenge?

I’m sure you’re all warm and cosy in your nice warm houses during this blast of freeeeezzzzing weather!

What if you had to build a house out of snow!!

Did you know that the Inuit, also known as the Eskimos, are said to have invented the igloo. The Inuit used igloos as hunting and fishing camps for their people travelling far from home on expeditions. Igloos were easy to build and did not require a lot of energy or time

( I think my own boys may disagree with the last part of this statement as they have used lots of energy and time building their own igloo with their mum(and dog) and they still have lots to do!!!)

Teamwork & Perseverance √

Not sure he’s been much help!

Will you accept the challenge? 

Can you build an igloo? (a smallish one!)

Remember to take some photos

Enjoy the snow but remember to stay safe, stay warm,  listen to your parents and be sensible.

This challenge should be one of teamwork with an adult and the igloo should be Smallish (lots of snow can be heavy!!)

Have fun

Take care

Be sensible