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P1/2 Learning Log

Primary 1/2 have been very busy with lots going on in class and around the village.

P1 have been measuring using non-standard units, using things like twigs and sticks.

 P2 have been measuring in cm and metres.

Hamish(P2) I enjoy maths as it is challenging but good fun.

Niamh(P2) I’ve enjoyed measuring different things around the school using cm and metres.

We also visited Dirleton Kirk as we have been learning all about our village.

We met with Rev Graham who gave us a tour of Dirleton Kirk, this was very helpful as we are learning about Christianity at the moment during RME in school.  The holy book that Christians follow is the Bible; here we see the Holy Bible on the altar of Dirleton Kirk.

We have also been exploring the seaside garden and using the water pump to create a river flow down the river bed.

Callum (P2) I have really enjoyed playing and learning in the seaside garden

Fergus(P1) I’ve also enjoyed playing in the seaside garden with my friends.

Sally(P1) I am really enjoying music with Mrs Peebles and all the songs we’re learning for Christmas.

CHRISTMAS ! It’s on its way!!