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26.1.2018 P5/6 Learning Log

Tom “I really enjoyed learning about Robbie Burns and the poems he wrote.”

Craig “I liked the questions about Robbie Burns because I learned lots about him.”

Eleanor “I really enjoyed PE because we got to use the mats, the climbing frame, springboard and vaults.”

Alex “This week I really enjoyed writing the story with 500 words because it’s exciting knowing that you might win.”

Daniel “It has been doing the 500 words because everyone is enjoying the extra time on the computers.”

P 5/6 Learning Log 19.01.2018

Fearghal   I really enjoyed our maths because we were learning about three types of triangle.”

Tyler   “I loved the maths about flags because geography is my favourite subject.”

Robbie   “I really enjoyed doing the news report because we got to work in a team.”

Ryan   “I loved writing the news report.”

Craig   “I have enjoyed PE. In gymnastics I have learned new things.”

Archie   “This week I enjoyed PE because we got to do the vault.”

Running Club

Well done to everybody who took part in the Thursday lunchtime running club over the last two terms. It has been great to see high levels of commitment and enthusiasm. Over  the last ten weeks, we have taken part in track and cross country running, based around the village green and John Muir Way. Many runners have improved their fitness and course times.

Mr Harris and Mr Ludvigsen are looking forward to restarting the club in the spring.

P 5/6 Learning Log 1.12.2017

Rebecca “I enjoyed the African drumming and dancing. I think that African drumming can be taught to anyone.”

Daniel “I enjoyed the African drumming because it’s good to see how to get each rhythm of each song.”

Alex “I enjoyed writing the Celtic Myths because it was great to write about myths that the Celts might have believed in!”

Charlotte “I really like drawing pie charts!”

Archie “I enjoyed the orchard group because it was so much fun.”

Tom “This week it was really fun making our journey sticks because I tried to make a sword but it didn’t quite work out.”

Fearghal “I liked the food waste because it was interesting weighing the food.”