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P5/6 Learning Log 18.1.19

This week in P.E we have been working on net sports particularly tennis, badminton etc. This term the main focus is coordination and fluency and problem solving. We were doing rallies. Everyone has been working hard.

Our topic is The Jacobites. We have been writing a biography on Bonnie Prince Charleie. First we went on the chrome books and got some facts then we got into pairs or threes and compared facts. Tyler then had the bright idea to use our Jacobite timelines that we have already created. We have also been looking at the raising of the standard. The standard is a flag that represents a certain family in this case the Stuart family.

In maths we have been learning about angles we have been outside trying to find the different angles. So far we have been revising acute, obtuse, straight, right, and reflex we’ve also done a bit on full circle angles.

By Alex Meikle and Eleanor Stirling


P 5/6 Learning Log 7.12.8

Lina “I enjoyed listening to the North Berwick High School brass band playing loads of songs! I enjoyed this because  they were very talented and it was so interesting to watch!”

Tom “I extremely liked designing our own mars rovers because of all the engineering!”

Eleanor “I enjoyed doing our imaginative writing piece because we got a choice with what to write.”

Zidane “I liked doing our imaginative writing because it gives you a choice. And you could write down what’s on your mind. It is a good feeling.”


P5/6 Learning Log 9/11/2018

Zidane “I enjoyed the newspaper writing because we worked as a team which I thought was fun.”

Eleanor “I have really enjoyed doing the Remembrance Day art when we wrote a poem and poppy art.”

Alex “This week I have really enjoyed making our poppy art and poems. It was a great way to reflect on all the people who lost their lives in the war.”

Tom “This week I enjoyed woodland group because we were making a galaxy scene.”

P 5/6 Learning Log 1/6/2018


Rebecca “I enjoyed making the posters about Bottle Top Data. We did it to see how many bottle tops we have collected. There were 8 different colours.”

Rock Pooling

Zidane “I enjoyed rock pooling because we got out of the classroom and had fun.”

Charlotte “I really liked going rock pooling. It was really fun but scary because the other group found a massive crab.”

Bella “I really enjoyed exploring the rock pool because you see common crabs, hermit crabs and more.”

Theatre Trip

Lina “I enjoyed going to the theatre to watch Eddie and the Slumber Sisters. It’s about 3 sisters who watch everyone’s dreams and make sure they don’t turn into nightmares.”

Lilly “I enjoyed going to the theatre. One of the lady’s gave me a prty hat!”