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P 5/6 Learning Log 18.3.18


Ryan “I really enjoyed making our volcanoes because it took us a wee while to make them. They were explosive at the end.”

Robbie “In school this week we made a chemical reaction in science.”

Lilly “It was so fun watching the volcanoes explode. The vinegar smelt so good.”

Lina “I enjoyed making volcanoes out of a plastic bottle and paper mache. We painted them and used a chemical reaction to make an explosion.”

Gemma “I like how we exploded the volcanoes because it was fun and creative.”

Snow Day Scale

Hope everyone is staying warm and cosy during these snow days ?

We’ve been huddled round the fire ? and drinking hot chocolate ☕! Arlo has been getting used to the white stuff and guess what his new word is… ‘snow!’⛇ ⛇ ⛇

I’ve been taking some of his toys out to try and use scale to create some epic pictures. Check out the duplo ice climbers above! ❄

They even got a bit of help from a digger on their way home. 

Challenge: can you create an amazing photo ? in the snow that shows this unique weather in an epic new way??

Send any you take to the school address so they can be passed on to me!

Enjoy your day and stay safe!

Mr Harris

Oh, and where did this dinosaur come from..? 

26.1.2018 P5/6 Learning Log

Tom “I really enjoyed learning about Robbie Burns and the poems he wrote.”

Craig “I liked the questions about Robbie Burns because I learned lots about him.”

Eleanor “I really enjoyed PE because we got to use the mats, the climbing frame, springboard and vaults.”

Alex “This week I really enjoyed writing the story with 500 words because it’s exciting knowing that you might win.”

Daniel “It has been doing the 500 words because everyone is enjoying the extra time on the computers.”

P 5/6 Learning Log 19.01.2018

Fearghal   I really enjoyed our maths because we were learning about three types of triangle.”

Tyler   “I loved the maths about flags because geography is my favourite subject.”

Robbie   “I really enjoyed doing the news report because we got to work in a team.”

Ryan   “I loved writing the news report.”

Craig   “I have enjoyed PE. In gymnastics I have learned new things.”

Archie   “This week I enjoyed PE because we got to do the vault.”