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P6/7 Learning Log Blog 13.10.17

Gregor (P6) ‘I liked learning the difference between the Area and Perimeter of shapes. It was fun to take measurements outside and work out real things!‘ Numeracy & Mathematics  







Ava (P6) ‘This week I enjoyed learning about Perimeter and Area because we played an interesting robot game on the computers. You had to answer questions to get different body parts to create your robot!’ Numeracy & Mathematics




  Olivia (P6) ‘I loved art this week because we were creating brightly coloured oil pastel 1920’s postcards of the Forth Rail Bridge.’ Expressive Arts 

Charlie (P6) ‘I enjoyed completing our traced bridges and when we added the oil pastels it made them look really cool!’ Expressive Arts




  Jamie (P6) ‘I really enjoyed music because we played games like  ‘Up and Down’. I felt very happy because I have never played it before!’ Expressive Arts



‘I liked P7 camp because we got to go running on the beach in the dark! Putting my own tent up with friends made me feel really happy.’ Sam 







‘Personally I liked the dinner! We made yummy pasta with cheese and tomato sauce. I wonder how healthy it was?’ Finlay R







‘I really enjoyed the beach and walking through the woodland at night. I learnt that you can camp anywhere in Scotland and that’s what makes Scotland special!’ Finlay W



‘At P7 camp I enjoyed taking a walk on the beach while it was dark because I never knew how fun this was!’ Robin

‘Going into the woods when it was dark was great fun and challenged us to use our senses we don’t normally use!’ Angus




‘Camp was a different experience form normal. For dinner we had tomato pasta that was delicious! Breakfast was BACON ROLLS! We had to wash up and some people also had to collect the water.’ Tom

‘At P7 camp we went on a night walk when it was really dark and scary! We were not allowed to use our torches! I had never done this before, it was challenging!’ Phoebe 

‘I loved walking in the dark because it was a challenge without our torches! Ruby helped me by grabbing hold of my arm, it was interesting to see the woodlands in the dark.’ Hannah

‘I love P7 camp because we got to go on the beach at night which was fun. It was hard to put up the tent but we got it up in the end! Jemma

‘Whilst we were on P7 camp I really enjoyed cooking the chocolate and bananas. It was my 2nd time trying them and they were absolutely delicious!’ Ruby‘I really loved P7 camp because it was a really different experience and I was really excited. It was really good to cook dinner and it was yummy!’ Lucy




Learning Log Blog Highlights August/September

Jemma (P7) ‘I loved the vote for House Captains, I didn’t win but I was happy to get VICE Captain for Halyburton!’ Social Studies, Numeracy & Literacy







   Lucy (P7) ‘The house captain elections were exciting. I ran for Halyburton and managed to win!







   Olivia, Angus, Tom & Jemma (P6/7) ‘We loved the ‘Dragons of Drummohr’ art project. It was fun getting messy and helping them with their project. We worked creatively as a team and needed an artistic mind!’ Expressive Arts & Technologies










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Ava (P6) ‘I enjoyed going to the woodlands because we had to measure trees to find out how old they were. It made my maths real!’ Numeracy & Science




   Phoebe (P7) ‘I really liked measuring trees and finding out how old they were. I learnt that you have to measure around the tree then divide the number by 1.25.’ Numeracy & Science




Hannah (P7) ‘Measuring tree ages was amazing. I learnt so much about trees, the oldest one was 157 years!’ Numeracy & Science

Finlay Rippey (P7) ‘I am enjoying the history of the Industrial Revolution because it’s so interesting in 1750-1900. There were good things and bad things and lots of changes in history.’ Social Studies

Finlay W (P7) ‘I enjoy doing mental health because we get to lie on the floor at the end to relax and talk about your feelings.’ Health & Wellbeing







  Ruby (P7) ‘In P.E. I really enjoy playing tag rugby. This is getting us ready for the upcoming rugby festival in October. It helped improve my rugby skills!’ Health & Wellbeing

Jamie (P6) ‘I have enjoyed maths because I learnt to round to the nearest 100. Like 105 rounded is 100!’ Numeracy

Robin (P7) ‘I enjoyed sketching the woodland at Yellowcraig because we got some free time to let our imagination run wild!’ Expressive Arts