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What an end to a busy academic year!  I can’t believe we’re almost at the summer holidays, where has this year gone?  P1/2 have spent this week outdoors as much as possible.  The children all had fun at Sports day on Tuesday and we had a great morning down at the beach on Wednesday.  We’ve also enjoyed putting all of our reading skills to good use as we read an e- book together.

It really has been an absolute joy to teach P1/2 this year and I look forward to hearing all about their successes in P2/3!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for my lovely gifts, it really is very generous of you and I hope you all have a great summer.


P7 Learning Log

P7 had a brilliant time at their transition days at high school sharing all the exciting activities and subjects they covered.

For the last days of P7 we are running our own ‘The Apprentice’ working in teams to complete a variety of challenges relating to business.

So far we have created our team names and completed some team building activities. We have fulfilled our branding task developing a wrapper and slogan for a new chocolate bar. Next, we are completing the advertising challenge creating both a print advert and a TV advert for a new product. There are a variety of other challenges coming up including sales and inventing that will help decide on our final winner!







P3/4 Learning Log 21.6.19

Yesterday we performed Bee Green to the school and parents.  All our hard work paid off as the singing was superb as was the playing of a wide variety of instruments.   Thanks to all the parents for managing to find yellow outfits for the Common Carder Bee!

Here’s a few photos from rehearsals where we all had the opportunity to be a conductor!

Performance Day