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P1/2 Learning Log

P1/2 have been continuing with our Spring theme in science by learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly.

The ‘shops’ continue to be busy and the children are working hard with their addition and subtraction by adding values together and working out how much change is needed.

We’ve begun a new topic in PE, the children are now working on their different athletic skills.

P7 Red Nose Day!

P7 have been working really hard this week to get prepared for Red Nose Day!

We thought of lots of super activities for the rest of the school to take part in to encourage donations.

We then organised a ‘Fun Fitness’ routine for all pupils and parents to join in with.

For our assembly, we researched the charity Comic Relief and found out about how they raise money and all the different people they help around the world.

Overall, the day was a great success. Thank you for all your donations. We will add up all the money on Monday and announce the total.

Well done P7, super hard work. 🙂

P3/4 Learning Log 15.3.19

This week we have enjoyed listening to everyone’s presentations all about their favourite holiday.    The presentations were very interesting as the pupils had organised their information well, spoke clearly and made lots of eye contact with the audience.


In Science we made models to show the orbit of the Earth around the sun as well as the orbit of the moon around the Earth.  We used these models to help us understand day and night.


Here’s a few more photos of the presentations.


P1/2 Learning Log

P1/2 have been full of the joys of spring this week!  We went out on a nature walk to look for signs of Spring to help us with our writing.

We’ve also been having great fun learning about money.  The children are very excited about two new shops opening in our classroom! Dirleton Toy Shop and Dirleton Travel have been helping us learn about coins, their values and giving change.