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P3/4 Learning Log 1.3.19

Here is a snapshot of what we have been doing this week:

Charlotte and Charlie – We have  enjoyed maths this week because we have been learning about coordinates, journeys and directions.

Archie – I’m really enjoying our new topic all about the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World.  I like researching facts.

Elly, Niamh and Rae – we enjoyed drawing daffodils and painting with water colours.

Isla – I’m enjoying playtime because I have lots of friends to play with.

Sam and Archie – I really like being in the woodland group, its great fun.

Charlotte – I have enjoyed homework this week as creating a wordsearch was fun.

Everyone has enjoyed fitness circuits in PE especially the counter balancing, relays and using the stilts.


P3/4 Learning Log 8.2.19

We had a visit from Tim Porteus, the author of East Lothian Folk Tales for Children.

He is a superb storyteller and had all of the pupils enthralled by his stories.

He has set us a challenge to find out about  the legend of the Piper’s Stone in Dirleton.   Does anyone know anything about it?  If so, please let us know.



P3/4 Learning Log 1.2.19

National Storytelling Week

Today we thoroughly enjoyed presenting our assembly and hope that those of you able to attend enjoyed it too.

Our theme was all about the importance of storytelling.  We retold East Lothian Folk Tales through drama, puppets and singing.

We used our art skills to create scenery and puppets.

We used our drama skills to perform.

We practised speaking clearly and with expression so that our audience could hear us.


P3/4 Learning Log 25.1.19

Here are a few comments from the class about their learning this week.

  • Lauchie – I’ve enjoyed learning about East Lothian Folk Tales and I’m really excited about our assembly next Friday.
  • Charlotte – I’ve enjoyed learning more about fractions.
  • Isla – I’m enjoying Badminton because it’s really energetic.
  • Stephen – I’ve enjoyed practising for the Assembly.
  • Zayn – I’ve enjoyed writing and reading this week.  Every night I have been writing some extra sentences.
  • Charlie – I’ve enjoyed art as I liked drawing the dragons.
  • Rudi – I’m enjoying our group reading novel, Fantastic Mr Fox.
  • Lucas – I’m enjoying music – I like singing.
  • Niamh – I’ve really enjoyed practising my poem and reading this week.
  • Oscar – I enjoyed art club and my citizenship group this week.
  • Calum – I enjoyed badminton this week, it was really fun.  I also enjoyed writing sentences for my homework.
  • Lucy – I enjoyed reading this week.