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P 5/6 Learning Log 2.11.18

Eleanor “I really enjoyed the cooking, making noodle soup with all the stages.”

Tom “This week I have enjoyed making soup with Food for Thought!”

Hamish “I loved Food For Thought and the hockey festival.”

Gemma “I liked the hockey festival because I saw my friends from other schools.”

Hannah “Gymnastics was so fun in PE. I really liked making up routines.”

Tyler “I have enjoyed our Big Bang theme because I’m interested in this stuff.”

Meet our road safety helpers

We’re helping East Lothian Council roads staff to trial a new approach to keeping us safe around the school.

These colourful characters are taking our road safety messages right to the side of the roads around our school, where drivers can’t miss them. And they seem to be doing a good job – it’s now planned to extend the idea to other schools.



P 5/6 Watersports

Lina – “I really enjoyed going to the lagoons on Thursday. We were taught how to ride some of the boats they have there. Some of the boats involved teamwork to move.”

Tyler – “The canoeing was fun. It was funny scooping the ice cream.”

Gemma – “I loved it yesterday, it was so fun. It was funny when we lost our paddles.”

Zidane – “I loved the canoeing yesterday. I was a bit paranoid at first but I got the hang of it (eventually).

  Robbie – “I enjoyed standing up on the rims of the boat.”