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P7 Learning Log

P7 had a brilliant time at their transition days at high school sharing all the exciting activities and subjects they covered.

For the last days of P7 we are running our own ‘The Apprentice’ working in teams to complete a variety of challenges relating to business.

So far we have created our team names and completed some team building activities. We have fulfilled our branding task developing a wrapper and slogan for a new chocolate bar. Next, we are completing the advertising challenge creating both a print advert and a TV advert for a new product. There are a variety of other challenges coming up including sales and inventing that will help decide on our final winner!







P7 Learning Log

A busy week again in P7! The countdown is now on until our big transition to high school.

We have been doing lots of preparation for our P7 show. We have been working hard to learn our lines, practising on stage. We have also been creating and making lots of props to support our performance.

We hope to see you there next week when we go 60 years forward in time…