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P1 Learning Log

We’re nearing the end of another busy week in P1.

In maths, we begun our learning on money.  The children are really enjoying using different coins to ‘pay’ for things.  Next week, we may even open a toy shop to put our learning of coins and adding to good use.  We will also look at giving change, as our shopkeepers were very low on change this week!  Hence exact amounts were needed.  Please look at the maths grid which was given out a few weeks ago to see how you can be supporting this learning at home.

We also had fun playing games in music.

P1 learning Log

We’re at the end  of yet another busy  week, where are all the weeks going?

We had a visit from Farmer Jim this week. He talked to us about potatoes and helped us to begin to grow our own potatoes.  Watch this space for some updates!


As well as growing potatoes, we’ve been continuing with learning new sounds and practising our number bonds.

P1 Learning Log

P1 have been continuing with their reading and writing and learning new sounds.

We put our learning of number, halves and quarters to good use this week- we made dropped scones on Shrove Tuesday!

We even managed to fit in some play in amongst all our hard work!

P1 Learning Log

I hope you all had a good week off despite the weather we had! P1 have had a busy week back.  We carried on with our work on fractions, this week we even did some work on quarters!

Our Role Play area has been turned into a Travel Agency.  The children were so excited by this and had great fun travelling round the world, drawing and making 3D aeroplanes and playing with the toy aeroplanes and characters.

We’ve also begun learning about sounds in Science.  We got some instruments out and we all loved playing the instruments and making lots of noise!