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P1 Learning Log

What  a busy start to the week!  So far, we’ve had a dress rehearsal for our retelling of the Christmas story, Christmas lunch and two fantastic shows performances!

In between all the festivities, we’ve been continuing to learn new sounds and use these within our reading and writing, work on our number bonds and use our knowledge on repeated patterns to make decorations.

We’ve even managed to fit in a science experiment!  We are looking at what happens to water when it is frozen- so we are hoping for some really cold weather over the next week!

P1 Learning Log

Excitement levels are increasing in class as we continue to practise for our Christmas nativity which takes place next week.  The children are all doing well to learn their lines and movements on and off the stage.

In maths, we have been learning about subtraction and repeating patterns.  We have been using our knowledge of repeating patterns to help with our Christmas decorations.  The school is looking truly festive!

We had some help from the P6s this week.  They helped us with some online number games.

We are continuing to work on previous sounds, new sounds and blending.  P6 also helped with our reading this week.

P1Learning Log

P1 have been continuing to work well together.  It’s been lovely to see how well they help and support each other and can talk about how kind their peers are towards them.

In maths, we’ve been learning about 3D shapes and had great fun looking  for different 3D shapes within our playground.

We have many budding engineers within our Thursday Group.  We had great fun creating different kites and boats and exploring which design flew and sailed the best.


P1 Learning Log

P1  impressed many staff members this week with their teamwork skills.  The children have been working together within maths to order numbers and within PE on our gymnastics block.

Not only have we been working on ordering numbers within maths this week, we have also been learning about shapes and their properties.  We even managed to apply this learning to our cooking session with Mrs Richardson.