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P2/3 Learning Log

This week we have been exploring strategies for subtraction in numeracy. We have been practising using a number line and using known facts. This has helped us in our independent work and also when we are playing games with our peers.


We enjoyed exploring shape in art, looking at a variety of artists who used shape in their work. We tried to recreate our own version of Kandinsky’s circles using pastels and complementary colours. Although it was very messy we had great fun!

As part of our STEM area this week, we had the train set which was really popular with our class. There was some super teamwork and problem solving alongside some great imagination deciding where the trains were travelling to!


P2/3 Learning Log

Primary 2/3 have had a great time learning outdoors this week!

On Wednesday, we went to the orchard to tidy up the willow. We collected the willow and  tied two pieces together (very tricky!) to make the frame for a kite. There was lots of perseverance, team work and determination shown.

We were also using our imagination. At one point our willow turned in to fishing rods! After catching a few fish we then started to help the environment by fishing for different kinds of plastic.


We also helped our community outdoors on Thursday. We walked down to The Village Green to plant some wild primrose. The children all worked very hard both individually and as part of a team to plant the flowers. Although it was very cold yesterday, the class were enthusiastic and had great fun!




P2/3 Learning Log

P2/3 have had a great week including learning with a Halloween theme.

During our outdoor learning time, we completed a technologies challenge to create a broomstick. We worked in groups using natural materials from outside to build the broomstick alongside resources to stick and hold it together. The team work was super and the finished broomsticks were excellent.

Continuing our Halloween theme, we had great fun writing a letter to The Wicked Witch to persuade her to buy a haunted house that was for sale. There were lots of spooky ideas about what the house would look like including some very scary adjectives!


P2/3 Learning Log

This week we have been continuing to learn about the Romans. We have been exploring Roman numerals and the number system that the Romans used.

Using this new knowledge alongside our skills for measuring and reading instructions, we made roman coins using salt dough. We made the salt dough, rolled them in to coin shapes adding roman numerals and painted them using metallic paint. It ended up being very messy but we had lots of fun!

I hope everyone has a lovely October holiday, looking forward to seeing everyone back next term ready to learn!