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P2/3 Learning Log – Apple Festival

P2/3 had great fun at the Apple Festival today! The children enjoyed taking part in all the activities. First, they showed off their mental maths skills during Apple Maths at the orchard. After that, they created some super bats and apple feeders during Apple Crafts. Next, they tasted some lovely healthy juices, made some of their own apple juice and did some apple twirling. We ended in the orchard and had a whole school toast.

We also enjoyed making Apple Crumble for our school competition earlier in the week. We used what we have been learning about measure in class to weigh out all our ingredients for our crumble mix. We think we made a very tasty treat using the apples from the orchard and hope everyone who tasted our crumble enjoyed it too!


P2/3 Learning Log

It has been another busy week here in P2/3.

In maths, we have been exploring measurement doing lots of practical activities to help our understanding.

We have been exploring our new topic ‘The Romans’ learning about the Roman Soldier uniform and discussing why they needed each part. We have also been learning about Hadrian’s Wall that Emperor Hadrian built to guard the Roman Empire. We used this new knowledge in our drama, acting as Roman Soldiers and then creating freeze frames. This then helped us in our writing ‘I am a Roman Soldier…’.





P2/3 Learning Log

Primary 2/3  have made a great start to the year and we are now ready to share our learning with you on our blog.

We have been enjoying doing our play stations each morning, completing activities that are our developing skills across the curriculum.

The children enjoyed our outdoor learning on Wednesday getting our playground ready for a new year of planting, adding to our compost and tidying up.

We have been reading George’s Marvellous Medicine as our class novel and linking our learning activities to this. We created our own marvellous medicine recipe and then tested which ingredients from the kitchen would dissolve. This was lots of fun!