Stories and Pupils’ Memories – The First 50 Years – by John Fergie

Including a History of Education in the Village and at the Old Public School

2 thoughts on “Stories and Pupils’ Memories – The First 50 Years – by John Fergie”

  1. I have many fond memories of my classes with Mrs McAlpine, Mr Monaghan and latterly Mrs Harper.(1972-1979–I think!!)
    I remember our netball team needing boys to play as we didn’t have enough girls. A loose mouse that someone had brought to school when we had a netball match
    Sports day with prizegiving of books, climbing trees in the playground and skinned knees.
    Warm milk, the mouthwash lady and Singing Together with a weekly radio show. The great Christmas parties and making our own sarnies-corned beef and tomato ketchup!!
    I’m not sure whether my grandpas family attended but I know my mum-Nanette Thorburn did. Would be interested to keep in touch.

  2. i too remember all of the above as well as the bb s at castlemains farm.woo paraded through the village on sunday on their way too kirk

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