School Improvement Plan

The school improvement plan for this session is available with this link: Dirleton SIP SQ PEF 2022-23.

In light of the current circumstances and with nurture, reconnection and recovery at the heart of our return to school the priorities we will be taking forward this session are:

•      Review pupil Health & wellbeing & Re-establish relationships             across the school & wider community
•      Restore a consistent whole school approach to learning,                         teaching and assessment of learning
•      Re-connect with parents/carers to re-establish family learning           and partnerships
•      Re-Imagine & Develop approaches to support high quality play

I would also encourage you to spend some time looking through the ‘information’ page on this blog that explains a number of things in relation to the school and the curriculum we designed in relation to our location and the context of the school


Join in with learning at our small primary school in East Lothian, Scotland