Watercolour Adventures

In Art P6/7, have been looking at the skill of water colour painting.

We have looked at a number of skills; how to shape the brush to apply paint, how water affects the paint, how can water be used to remove paint and how the paint can look darker by adding the same colour on top.

We were able to go outside into the playground to use the beautiful Autumn colours to practise the skills we have learnt in the classroom.

We will continue to work on our painting skills and use the changing environment as stimulus for our art.


P1/2 have had lots of fun over the past few weeks playing games and getting to know each other.

We particularly enjoyed playing outside with the Playpod equipment.

Outdoor PE!

We made animal pictures made from natural materials found in our playground.

Finger exercises with Playdoh.

Maths fun!


Orchard Festival

We’ve had a great start to the year in P 3/4!

To bring in the half term and celebrate our apple harvest we are holding our Orchard Festival all this week.

We will take part in lots of apple based activities covering all aspects of the curriculum.

Maths – Already, we have looked at the number of apples produced by each tree in the orchard.

Collaborative Art – We have also created an apple tree collage. Each member of the class painted a tile which, when joined together, made a giant apple tree jigsaw. It looks really effective.

We’re looking forward to the rest of the week – especially the apple orienteering.

Orchard Fun

It was great to visit the Orchard to pick what has turned out to be a bumper harvest.

Calculating the harvest and using Google sheets allowed the class to produce graphs to show the increase in harvest year on year.

It is also true that some of the produce was eaten for the purposes of quality control.

The chance to get outdoors within the class bubble has been one of the  highlights of this term. The children have done extremely well in the return to a very changed School environment.

We will continue to celebrate the Orchard through our learning.

Join in with learning at our small primary school in East Lothian, Scotland