P3/4 Learning Log 31.5.19

This week we have started the Bee Green Musical Discovery Project.  Along with P1/2 we worked with Moira Morrison, the composer of the project.   Bee Green uses the British bumblebee and its conservation as its inspiration.

Later in the week we visited the orchard in search of bumblebees and sketched the flowers they were attracted to.

We used watercolours to paint bluebells a very bee-friendly flower.



P1/2 Learning Log

P1/2 have had an exciting week.  We have started our Bee Green project, learning all about different species of bees and singing Bee songs.  After our visit from Moira, from Musical Discovery, we went to our orchard to  identify the different flowers which bees are attracted to.  We look forward to welcoming Moira into our school over the next few Mondays.

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