P6/7 Learning Blog Log 18.05.18

Angus (P7) “I enjoyed making 3D CAD designs of our school. It made me use my computer skills.” Technologies

Finlay (P7) “This week I enjoyed drawing the Great Wave because it helps me get better at drawing.” Expressive Arts

Gregor (P6) “I really enjoyed hunting for nurdles on the beach. My group found it tricky to find them at the start but we go there in the end and found 21.” Health & Wellbeing and Science

Ava (P6) “This week I enjoyed Thursday Groups because we got to paint the tyres in the seaside garden and I got lots of paint on my hands!” Health & Wellbeing

Phoebe (P7) “This week I enjoyed script writing because we get to act it out next week using our scripts and I enjoy doing drama.” Literacy

Hannah (P7) “This week I enjoyed going down to the green to do relays. It was fun working in a team.” Health & Wellbeing

P3/4 Learning Log

We had a fabulous morning at Yellowcraigs on Thursday.  The sun was shining and we all had a great time searching for items to complete a beach scavenger hunt.    We identified different types of shells, seaweeds and sea creatures.  Lots of active outdoor learning.


Coffee Morning – Friday 25th May @11am

The school would like to extend an invitation to all families and  neighbours to come along to our next coffee morning on Friday 25th May when we will officially open our outdoor classroom.

The children will lead the morning, informing our community of the outdoor learning opportunities that they engage with whilst attending our beautiful school.

We would be most grateful if families could support this morning by providing us with some  fabulous home baking!

So… we look forward to cup cakes, tray bakes and all the scrumptious, delicious cakes that you kindly donate.

Thanks in advance of your generosity.


Learning Log 18.5.2018

Nurdle Hunt!

Lilly “I enjoyed going down to the beach to collect nurdles. They are tiny little bits of plastic.”

Ryan “I enjoyed going to Yellowcraig to get out of school and also get some fresh air.”

Daniel “I enjoyed the nurdle challenge. I think our team won, we found around 110 or more nurdles.”

Gemma “I liked going to the beach because nurdle hunting was something I had never done before.”

Mr Mourits’ last day

Archie “I enjoyed playing football with Mr Mourits and doing the nurdle hunt.”

Robbie “I’m very sad that Mr Mourits has left because he was very funny and was the best PE teacher.”

Craig “I loved PE because we did relay races, but sadly it was Mr Mourits’ last day.”    =-(

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