P6/7 Learning Log Blog 04.05.18

Ruby (P7)  “This week I really enjoyed learning about the water cycle. We got to learn the three stages of the water cycle and then create a diagram about it and colour it with water colours.” Science and Social Studies

Angus (P7) “This week I enjoyed our science experiments about the water cycle. We made predictions about what we thought would happen to the water.” Science



Tom (P7) “I really liked drawing nets of 3D shapes and drawing the actual shape. This was quite interesting to see how the nets folded.” Numeracy



                                                                   Finlay (P7) “This week I enjoyed writing a biography about John Muir because we got to write everything we know about him.” Literacy

Kier (P6) “This week I enjoyed script writing because it was some think we have not done before.” Literacy


P 5/6 Learning Log 4/5/2018

Lilly “I really enjoyed doing the John Muir dance workshop. It was fun crawling on the floor and jumping off benches.”

Daniel “I enjoyed the John Muir dance because we made moves for the describing words.”

Eleanor “I really enjoyed the John Muir dance because we had to make up moves and at the end make a big performance.”

Robbie “I liked the art ’cause it was peaceful and I had someone to help!”

Bella “I loved doing the art because it was so fun.”

Tom “I enjoyed drawing and painting the animals because I learned that there are lots of different features on marine life.”


P 6/7 LEARNING LOG BLOG 27.04.18

Robin (P7) “This week I enjoyed making the five pillars of Islam in R.M.E because we had to use our art skills.” RME







Ava and Charlie (P6) “This week we enjoyed learning about the five pillars of Islam because we learned what the five pillars mean and started making a mobile.” RME

Sam and Tom (P7) “This week we really enjoyed athletics. We are training for the Meadowmill athletics competition. We went to the green and practiced long jump, 80m sprint and cricket ball throw. We learnt a good technique for the cricket ball throw.” Health & Wellbeing








Jamie (P6) “I enjoyed doing fit in 15 because it is helping me become healthier.” Health & Wellbeing

Angus (P7) “I enjoyed playing rounders this week because it improved my hand eye co-ordination by catching and hitting the ball.” Health & Wellbeing

Image result for water cycle song vimeo

Ruby (P7) “This week I liked creating a dance in groups to a song about the water cycle. It was quite challenging but really fun at the same time.” Science and Expressive Arts






P3/4 Learning Log

We’ve had a creative week

Tam (P4) “I really enjoyed creating my own McCoo for the Steven Brown art competition.  It took a long time as I put in a lot of detail.”

On our Fantastic Flying Journey we discovered that Monarch Butterflies migrate thousands of miles from North Eastern America and Canada to Mexico.  We also investigated their life cycle.

Oscar (P3)  “I liked doing my homework this week!”

John (P4) “In maths we were learning about capacity.  I enjoyed the potions lessons where we had to work out problems.”

Hamish (P4) “I enjoyed working as part of a team when playing giant jenga.”

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