P3/4 Learning Log

Buddy Bear has started to enjoy home visits.   He hopes to see lots of acts of kindness during his travels.

In PE we have been working in groups to create gymnastic sequences.


We have been learning about the significance of Remembrance Day and worked together to create a poppy wreath.

We also designed medals to present to each other.


P5/6 Learning Log 9/11/2018

Zidane “I enjoyed the newspaper writing because we worked as a team which I thought was fun.”

Eleanor “I have really enjoyed doing the Remembrance Day art when we wrote a poem and poppy art.”

Alex “This week I have really enjoyed making our poppy art and poems. It was a great way to reflect on all the people who lost their lives in the war.”

Tom “This week I enjoyed woodland group because we were making a galaxy scene.”

Food for Thought Hedgerow Jelly

P7 have been creating an exciting new food product as part of their Food for Thought project. It has zero air miles and was made from scratch by us!

The product we made is a Hedgerow Jelly.

1. We picked the berries and apples from our Orchard
2. We cut them up and prepared them (and made sure we were safe with the rose hips!)
3. We left the fruits on a low heat to simmer and reduce
4. We filtered the mixture through granny’s jelly bag (a few of us thought it looked like spaghetti bolognese or chilli!) to get a smooth liquid
5. We then added a lot of sugar to the filtered through liquid and brought it to boil
6. We let the mixture set in jars and waited until we could have a taste!

We had a tasting session of our jelly on oatcakes and it received some positive feedback. We also let members of staff in the school try it and they were impressed!

As well as creating the product, we have also been writing recipes and making adverts using persuasive language to promote our Jelly to potential customers.

Here are some photos from the cooking process….

House Captain Elections

As part of their Scottish Parliament topic, P7 held an election to select new house captains for 2018/19. Through this we explored what democracy is and how important it is to have a vote, campaigning and persuasive speech writing.

The candidates worked extremely hard and were supported well by their campaign managers.  On the election day, the candidates confidently presented their speeches and everyone in P7 supported the rest of the school in the voting process.

 Here are some pictures from the day…


Congratulations to our new House and Vice Captains, I am sure they will do a fabulous job. Well done to everyone for taking part!

Join in with learning at our small primary school in East Lothian, Scotland