Orchard Fun

It was great to visit the Orchard to pick what has turned out to be a bumper harvest.

Calculating the harvest and using Google sheets allowed the class to produce graphs to show the increase in harvest year on year.

It is also true that some of the produce was eaten for the purposes of quality control.

The chance to get outdoors within the class bubble has been one of the  highlights of this term. The children have done extremely well in the return to a very changed School environment.

We will continue to celebrate the Orchard through our learning.

Apple Festival 2017

P3/4 had a fabulous time at the annual Apple Festival today.  The day started with Apple Sports – wake and shake.

We then used willow to make Christmas tags.

At the orchard we used our maths skills to solve tricky problems.


We then made delicious apple twirls and apple juice.  

What a wonderful day.

P3/4 would like to say thank you to all the helpers.


P1/2 Gym Time

Today in gym with Mrs Paterson, we were learning side-stepping.  We started the lessoP1/2 Gymn by moving with a partner in any way that we decided.

Then we thought about how we side-step properly.  We know that when we side-step we use the ‘squashy bit’ (or ball) of our foot.  Our tummy buttons also need to face forwards and if we’re stepping to the side we take a little peek to make sure we don’t bump into anyone.

We finished our lesson by learning the beginning of a dance and once we have learned the dance fully, we’ll post some photos.

Wish us good luck!