Attainment action plan

I’m working on a paper to take to the Education Committee in September. The paper will set out an attainment actin plan for the next three years. The starting point is an analysis of East Lothian Attainment in comparison with our comparator authorities. The results of this analysis are very positive and demonstrate that we have made more progress than other similar authorities over a ten year period. However, we are still some 5% points behind the best performing authority in our grouping.

Given the near completion of PPP it would seem appropriate to refocus our attention on improving attainment. My paper refers to recent research which demonstrates that raising attainement levels has the greatest impact on ensuring children avoid social exclusion. The attainment action plan will have four strands – each of which emerges from our existing Service Improvement Plan. These strands are: Leadership development; Teaching and Learning (The Exc-el project); Performance Monitoring and Improvement (with a focus on gathering data which can be used to compare schools' rates of progress; and Curriculum (with a focus on more flexible curriculum plans in the secondary schools linked to more freedom of subject choice for students).