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Met with Wendy McAdie from Jewel and Esk Valley College at 9.00am. We spoke about links between East Lothian Schools and JEVC; links with Queen Margaret's University; pre-vocational courses and the need to be more explicit about the purpose of such courses; the Christmas leaver programme and associated funding; and the idea of staellite courses being run in schools by college staff who are sub-contracted by the council or schools.

10.00-11.00 Met a parent and her child for a readmission meeting. These meetings are never easy but we managed to come to a satisfactory resolution.

Interviews from 12.00-4.00pm for Education Officer. Appointed Alison Wishart who is currently responsible for post-primary education at Learning and Teaching Scotland. The post is a secondment in the first instance unitl June of next year.

4.00pm met Elizabeth Cowan to discuss the proposed plans to put an electronic whiteboard in every maths classroom and a pilot project contrasting the benefits of laptops or tablets PCs. This project was agreed before I came into post. I'm always worried about any project which, if it is proved to work, does not have a budget linked to the need to re-equip schools to the same standard.

Met two probationers at 4.30pm to discuss possible weblogging for probationers and the setting up of a probationer forum. I'm making a presentation to probationers on the 27th October and we hope to have some example of probationer weblogs to demonstrate on the day

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