Thursday 27th October

87 probationers attended the two sessions at the Quayside Centre in Musselburgh.

The programme was:

A lesson observed: we looked an anonymous lesson evaluation and considered how the teacher could improve their teaching
A quiz!: testing some of their thinking about the teaching process
Pupil motivation – shared some ideas about how we go about motivating pupils
Who are you? –
teaching characteristics profile
Check one of this week’s lessons – used this
sheet to review one of their lessons from this week
Curriculum for Excellence – undertook this
Exc-el – discussion of exc-el and promotion of weblogging
Next steps – planning for the future

The feedback sheets were very generous. I really enjoyed getting the chance to teach again and I was very impressed by our people. I look forward to meeting them all out in their schools and again when we follow up this ession in May 2006.

Wednesday 26th October

Worked at home unitl 10.30am completing the fromat for our Standards and Quality Report. The out to Whitecraigs Primary for 11.00am. New carpets in all classrooms, two interactve whiteboeards and real sense of purpose! Back to the office to meet a teacher.

Sport and Education Advisory Group Meeting at 2.00pm. The new secondary school sport and education co-ordinators are now all in post and I'm confident they will make a real impact. Beth McLeod and Eammon John have done a great job getting this initiative in place in such a short time.

Met Anne McLanachan after the meeting to explore how we might capitalise most effectively on the
Learning Team project. This way of developing the teaching process fits perfectly with the stated intention in the exc-el

Met Margaret O'Connor and Lesley Smith at 4.00pm to explore how we might better link up education and arts and cultural development in East Lothian. There is a new post on offer – which we would have to part fund – to support such a link. We are considering setting up an Arts and Culture Education Advisory group much the same as for sport and education. the new person would support the group – if we can find the money.