To share or not to share

8.30am -9.30am Directorate Meeting – only agenda item was the restructuring of the department. The process is leaving a lot of people fairly sore. However, today seemed to be a turning point. Basic agreement about the education side of the department – now just needs finalcostings and timescales. Alan Ross and myself are to work together to resolve the middle ground. The “hard end” children's services will not engage in any significant change. Alan and I both agree that there is an opportunity to come up with something which really gets to the heart of the notion of integrated children's services – perhaps even to the point where we can be seen as national leaders in the field. So much depends upon people's willingness to actively engage in the process.

10.00am -11.30am Single Status Roadshow. This was a presentation from Sharon saunders – Head of Personnel and some key figures in the single status working group. Single status is something which all authorities are having to work towards. It will certainly have a significant costs attached to it but at least it will resolve some of the pay anomolies which have plagued local government for too many years.

11.30am -12.30am ASL Nursery Nurse job description meeting. Met with Maureen Jobson, Helen McMillan, Derek Haywood, Susan Smith and Sheila Ainslie to discuss the ASL nursery nurse job description – very useful and worthwhile meeting.

1.00-2.00 Met with Alan Blackie and Roger Thomas – Roger has a consultancy business and wanted to share some of his services with us. We are interested in developing our own coaching programme and we may need the services of an external person to help us put it all together. I'm going to draw up a more detailed plan of our vision for our coaching programme.

2.45-5.15pm With Pauline Homer visited Tranent wrap-around after school provision; Cockenzie After School Club (met the management team of the school whilst at the school- thanks for the coffee) and then on to Aberlady after-school club which meets in the Bowling Club whilst the town hall is renovated.

Now to share or not to share – that is the question? Weblogging – how open can we be? When does a commitment to transparency and honesty lead to conflict and unhappiness? Should some of my day remain secret? So far I've tried to be as open as possible – with the exception of things which are obviously confidential, such as personnel and personal matters. Should I keep my thoughts to myself and just describe events? What should I do mmmmmmmmmmmm?