Viral Marketing

During the ADES conference I had occasion to speak to a couple of people about exc-el. I tried to explain the strategy we were using to promote the site e.g.
word of mouth. As I listened to some of the speakers I couldn’t help relating what they were saying about personalization and the fact that word of mouth is a powerful means of promoting a message – a fact which has advertising executives running scared.

When I got home I wanted to find out a little more about the power of word of mouth. On searching the web I came across a link to
viral marketing. Viral marketing can be a deliberate strategy by commercial companies to promote a product but I am more interested in the idea of using viral marketing to promote exc-el and it's goals

This then got me thinking to education as a virus. I realise again how difficult this metaphor will be for some people given the alleged proximity of a flu pandemic. The other problem is that people traditionally don’t have an option whether they are to be infected or not. However, I wonder if infection with a desire to learn and joy in participating in the learning process should be a goal of education?