Ian Fullerton

7.30-10.30 In early to do some preparation work for a number of bits and pieces to come this week.

11.00-1.30 Met with Colin Sutherland, HT North Berwick High School, Liz McLean, ELC architect and Ian Fullerton, Legend. We were talking about the anticipated increase in NBHS's roll over the next few years and the need for additional space. Ian is our Principal Officer – Strategic Planning and has responsibility for tracking pupil numbers, working with developers and architects for planning new schools or extensions and advising the Directorate on pupil intake management. Ian is a master of spreadsheets and his work is highly regarded throughout the authority and beyond. Unfortunately he supports a rather inferior English football team whose name I can't remember!

Ian and Liz left at 12.15 which enabled Colin and I to complete the first evaluation report on North Berwick High School which focuses on attainment and the standards and quality report. North Berwick has outstanding examination results and compares very favourably with it's comparator schools in other authorities. This is a great testimony to Colin's leadership and the efforts of all of the staff and students.

The focus of our discussion was on the gap between a pupil's potential and their final attainment. I've asked Colin to analyse the targets set for each of NBHS S4 student and their eventual attainment in the actual exams. When these figures are gathered together you can identify the % of a year group who are targeted for 5+ Standard Grades and then compare it with the % that gained 5+ in the actual exams.. I know from experience that this gap can range from 10-20% – the challenge for all of us in education is to close the gap between what we see as potential in a child and their eventual attainment. It will be interesting to reflect upon these figures in all out schools.

Back to the office for 2.00-3.30pm LNCT – Local Negiatiing Committee for Teachers – agenda – 35 hour working week; role of business managers; budget; finance officers for primaries.

4.00 Sheila McKendrick – met to discuss national priority spending and funding for a creative links officer. Sheila provides excellent advice and support and occasionally manages to keep my feet on the ground!

4.30pm Met with primary hedteacher regarding fbudget issues.

5.00-6.15 Met with Raymy Boyle to reflect upon Integrated Community Schools and our visions for the future i.e. What would the best Integrated Community School in Scotland really look like?