National Priorities

2 ½ hour drive to Dundee to take part in a National Priorities seminar. The drive was worth it. I particularly enjoyed Carolyn Hutchison presentation and the three presentations from Angus, East Renfrewshire and Glasgow about how they go about gathering and analyzing 5-14 results. East Renfrewshire use the Edinburgh Assessment Unit to gather baseline data through standardized tests. Angus use Midys and Pipys. Given that we have already decided to use Midyis I was interested to find our more about the Angus scheme. I liked how control of the system seems to be in the hands of teachers and Headteachers – as opposed to something being “done” to them. I hope to invite someone from Angus to make a presentation to our nursery/primary executive meeting. I wonder. Their database makes use of Filemaker Pro, I wonder of there is any potential in of making use of Freemis to create an on-line system?

Then a presentation on Future Learning and Teaching funding. We have one scheme being funded – our Learning Teams – but other authorities, such as East Renfrewshire have five. I think we need to reflect upon some of our plans for the coming year and look to submit some applications.