8.30-9.30am Directorate Meeting – this was a strategic meeting. We explored many of the points Alan Ross and I had been discussing on Friday. I have the feeling we are making progress on these issues.

10.00-12.00 Visit to The Burgh Primary School, Musselburgh. Liz Imrie, HT, gave me a tour of the school to meet the classes and teachers. I took Mr Ted with me who was a great source of interest for many pupils. Without a doubt he made my visit a more “human” experience – as opposed to this “man” who walks round a school in a suit. I enjoyed meeting the staff who were very welcoming and friendly.

12.00-12.30 I acompanied Mr Ted to Elphinstone Primary School this morning. The Inspectors had visited last week and had been very complimentary about the pupils – well done.

1.00-1.30 Meeting with Eilish Garland and Alan Blackie – I’ll take a couple of issues forwards from this meeting.

1.30-5.30 A real chunk of quality time in my office – looking at my diary for the week it will be about the only time I’ll have my desk. Worked on correspondence; task management tracker; budget issues; preparation for this week’s meetings; correspondence to schools and a few phonecalls to headteachers.