Making meetings work

9.00 -10.00 Met with Liz Morris to agree the LNCT agenda

10-12.00 ICT Education Group – See ICT strategy on home page

12.00-1.45 Met with Valerie Irving and Myra Young (Seed) and Angela about the Assessment is for Learning Programme – we need to report back regularly to let SEED know how we are spending their money.

2.00-4.00 3-18 Assessment Group – Making good progress.

Neither of today’s big meetings were as good as I might have hoped. I spoke too much – a function of the reports whch need to be made. I do need to get others to lead various items – this should be resolved when we adopt the task management system we are developing – as look forwards to tomorrow it will probably be the same – though hopefully not for long

4.00-5.45 desk