10.00-12.15 I met Stuart Hiles from Employee Development Department – East Lothian Council.

Stuart has developed a tremendous e-learning package which makes use of open source software called
moodle Stuart has been focussing on employee development using e-learning but I was very excited about the potential of the system for developing courses for pupils. Stuart is going to make a presentation to members of the exc-el board and ICT education management group of the 9th March at 3.30 – if anybody else would like to come along you are most welcome – just drop me a line.

1.00-4.15 Met with Patrica McCall, Elizabeth Diamond, Fiona Beveridge and Sheila McKendrick to refine the cluster working paper in response to the feedback received.

We went through the paper and produced something which will prove very helpful to us next session. We will circulate it to all HTs for comment over the next few weeks. Many thanks to all.

4.15-5.30 E mails and phone calls

Friday 27th January

Missed updating my weblog on Friday.

8.15-9.45 Education Officers Meeting

10.30-11.30 Young Scot Youth Parliament event at Musselburgh Community Centre. I was on the panel along with other representatives of East Lothian Council, Health and the Police. Very searching questions and I was pleased that anumber of students approached me after the event for a chat.

11.45 Went to Musselburgh Grammar to see Ann Graham who retired today. It's hard to believe that Ann is 60.

12.30 Out to Pinkie Primary to speak to the staff about the newspaper article which really got the wrong end of the stick when interpreting their recent HMIe report. I went through a large number of HMIe reports which have been written since the introduction of the 6 point scale in August. I could only find one school with a better report.

1.30-6.00 Back to the office to clear my desk.