Outdoor Connections

I’ve taken a day’s leave today. Spent some of the time preparing for a
presentation I've been invited to make at the Outdoor Connections Conference to be held in Dundee tomorrow. Here’s the blurb:

“The conference is part of an outdoor education development programme which the Scottish Executive has asked Learning and Teaching Scotland to take forward. The development programme, Outdoor Connections, is designed to make connections across current and emerging priorities, policies, programmes and people relating to outdoor education. Through research into the current state of outdoor education in Scotland, the aim is to develop and disseminate resources which will continue to improve the quality of outdoor learning experiences and approaches.

Delegates at the conference will have the opportunity to weigh up the benefits of outdoor learning and consider its relevance to the development of young people in twenty-first century Scotland. Young people’s voices will also be heard through presentations by both primary and secondary school groups.”