Primary PT Seminars

9.15-10.00 Directorate Meeting- focussed on the Better Integrated Services Paper. We agreed in principle to reflect upon how we can best deliver Staged Assessment and Intervention. We are going to organise an event for our co-ordinators of pupil support in schools, a number of HTs and a range of reps from children's services. The intended outcome of the event will be to have devised a service which we can implement to best meet the needs of children in our communities. Alan Ross and I will meet to sketch out the day prior to involving others.

10.00-12.15 Continued working on the departmental budget. I’ve put together an analysis of the situation and have sent to to finance for clarification. As I’ve stated previously I’m not prepared to release figures unless I’m confident they won’t change at a later date.

12.30-1.30 Met with a Principal Teacher to give some advice about interviews

1.30-2.00 Continued work on budget

2.00-2.30 Agenda setting meeting for Policy and Procedures Review Panel meeting.

2.30-3.30 Phone calls and correspondence

3.30-4.15 Met with Angus McRury, HT of Innerwick and fellow blogger

4.15-5.30 First Primary School Principal Teacher seminar. I was really struck by the overwhelming sense of duty which characterised the people round the table. Amongst many other things we explored how Exc-el could open the door to parents and others on the real world of teachers. The feedback seemed very positive and this is definitely a forum we should be continuing. It was suggested that we arrange a 4.15-6.15 meeting for all PTs. Why not share your ideas for an agenda/focus on our