Family comes first – always

9.00-11.00 I took my eldest son up to Edinburgh University for his interview for physical education. It must run in the “jeans” or something.

Managed to get to the Integration Team Meeting at Haddington for 11.30am. It would appear the greatest challenge we face from a children and family support worker perspective is consistency beteen schools.

Back to the office for 12.30 – quick bite of lunch

1.00 met the Education Psychology Team for a 30 minutes to discuss how we could make the best use of their expertise. Then some preparation before the secondary HT meeting at 2.00-5.00. I’ve learned my lesson from the last couple of similar meetings and greatly reduced the agenda. I have to admit to really enjoying the meeting and felt we made significant progress on a number of important issues.

Left early to pick up my son from Edinburgh – interview seemed to go well. Family always comes first!!!