9.30-1.00 Dunblane Hydro – Launch of INEA 2 (Inspection of Education Authorities version 2)

I listened to HM Senior Chief Inspector Graham Donaldson welcome without taking any notes – I used a
memory pegging techinque to help me recall the main points – from memory they were – Inspections will focus on the child and work out from there (clock); evolving merger of inspection processes (telly); education officers as critical friends, as opposed to quasi inspectors (dishwasher); the new process with filter and focus on issues (sink); early years will be a key (kettle); ability of schools to help pupils to consolidate knowledge (worktop); does the authority tackle underperformance?(hob); project management skills (calendar); proportionate space for professionals depending upon competence (accordian); moving up the value chain – improve high value skills (shelves); question our certification system (acheivement?)(wallpaper) the items I've linked the the key points to things which exist in my kitchen – it works and enabled me to focus completely on the presentation. However the main point for me was that inspection reports try to describe a school in a narrative "to get behind the numbers" – I was struck by the potential symmetry with what we are trying to do in East Lothian with our development planning process, i.e. we have asked schools to set out
statement of intent (a narrative of what they are trying to acheive) we then use numbers and action plans to translate these aspirations into reality. The cycle is narrative – data (evaluation) – action – data (evaluation) – narrative.

2.30-3.00 Meeting back at the office to review nuresery nurse job outline

4.00-5.30 Second Primary PTs seminar – the higlight of my week!!