School Liaison Group

Having had the first week off I enjoyed another couple of days leave over the Easter weekend – hard physical labour is a great antidote to office work.

We started the term this morning with our School Liaison Group – this is where I meet with the Education Officers (soon to be Quality Improvement Officers), Sheila Ainslie (Pupil Support Manager) and Derek Haywood (School Support Manager). The agenda covered the following: Task Management Tracker – reviewing progress in major projects to date; School Development Plans and Evaluation Visit 3; reshaping our standards and quality guidelines for schools; achieving excellence policy; HT conference 31/5/06. A prime focus of the meeting was trying to work out our priorities for the coming term.

In afternoon I made a home visit to an absent member of staff. I've always made use of home visits to see colleagues who have been ill for some time. I know I would appreciate such a visit.

Rest of the day spent trying to come to grips with the correspondence backlog.