Lindsay Paterson

9.00-10.00 Met with a classroom teacher to explore professional development and subject support issues.

10.00 -12.00 Morning taken up with Primary/Nursery Headteachers Executive meeting. This meeting involves one HT rep from each cluster. The agenda covered: how we are managing the resuction in class contact time for teachers; budget issues; HT conference agenda for 31/5/06; probationers;

1.00-2.00 Met with a union rep to discuss a variety of issues.

2.00-4.00 Met with Professor
Lindsay Paterson to report on our progress over the past year. Lindsay has been acting as an informal critical friend for the department in connection with the exc-el project. I described the policies, systems and the strategies we have used to implement our change strategy. It's incredibly useful to have to try to articulate a vision and explain the associated actions. We spent a good deal of time discussing the idea of unconditional positive regard and wheher or not it is as critical as we have been making out.

I was glad that Lindsay seemed to appreciate our approach and was interested in the ideas we have been exploring in relation to the curriculum for excellence – particularly the notion of
project work which cuts across subject boundaries. A school student whom Lindsay knows is passionate about birdwatching but has no vehicle for following that passion in the school curriculum – project work could address that anomaly..

There is a real need for practitioners/leaders to actively engage with our academic colleagues. It is of mutal benefit to both yet we too rarely work in active partnership. Lindsay referred to an intersting partnership between David Carr – an educational philosopher – and two practitioners in the world of outdoor education. Together they have been exploring the place of outdoor education in a way which would not have been possible from only one perspective. I was able to link this with the idfeas we have been having about
"practice into theory" and how such an approach could engage teachers in better understanding and developing their practice.

4.00-5.45 Paperwork!!