Full Diary

Somebody joked today that it must be easier to see the Queen than it is to get an appointment with me. I have to admit to being concerned about my diary. Looking forward until the end of May I can hardly see a space where I'm not scheduled for a meeting or appoinment. The only spaces are the mornings and afternoons (one each week) where I'm free to drop into schools – a priority I'm not prepared to give up. The question has to be how could I make better use of my time. If you've read over my weblog can you suggest anything I could do to change my way of operating?

9.00 -11.20 Chief Officers Group – this group meets four times a year and involves everyone with an active involvement in providing integrated children's services – including police, education, children's services (social work) and health. The role of the group is to adopt a strategic perspective on how we can improve our service to children. I spoke specifically about our emerging cluster approach – which was well received. Jim Lamond made an interesting point when he noted that the new restructuring of council wards will reflect the school clusters.

11.30-12.00 Met with Sheila McKendrick to pick up on points from the SLG held on Tuesday and to plan our work for the next few weeks.

12.00-12.30 Met with Alan Blackie who updated myself, Sheiila McKendrick and Elizabeth Cowan on the Microsoft Innovators programme. Microsoft will sponsor a secondment for a teacher to work one day a week delivering their programme of CPD for teachers. This fits well with our agreed ICT strategy – serendipity!

1.00-1.30 Met with Derek Haywood, Sheila Ainslie, Maureen Jobson and Helen McMillan to discuss the Olivebank Nursery. We brainstromed the issues facing the unit and our solutions. I drafted a minute which will inform our future actions.

1.30-2.30 Preparation for next weeks Local Negotiating Committee for Teachers (LNCT) with Derek Haywood and Zoe Thomson.

2.30-3.45 Managed to get down to some work at my desk

4.00-5.00 Out to Ross High school to see Willie Carrol, Acting HT, to pick on how the school is getting on – I'd missed an appintment with Willie at the end of last term.